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Michelle Obama: 'Eeewww' Sketch with Jimmy Fallon & Will Ferrell! (Video)


Somebody please hit me with a hammer so I know if I'm having a nightmare.
This is even more politically disgusting.


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Just looking at the still, I can't watch it

I don't want to drink this swill, even if it was posted for good reasons.

Talk about, "Knuckleheads", this is so weak and demoralizing that I'd rather not know just how low they can go!

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Behold the power of TV. Does

Behold the power of TV.

Does anyone watch Jimmy Fallon?

Southern Agrarian


The ratings will plummet next week. Still have a soft spot for Conan.


The First Lady is unelected but yet they always seem to play the role of being the "mother figure" to the nation. She talks about exercise like she's doing society such a great service. Meanwhile how much taxpayer money has she spent with all the vacations.

Eeeww is Right!

That is so bad, thought it is supposed to be the Tonight Show, not Saturday Night Live redux.
Michelle being on acting stupid as well is just so classless.

Michelle being on acting

Michelle being on acting stupid as well is just so classless.

Thought this was funny.

Thought this was funny. Michelle is awesome.

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"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

How times have changed.

How times have changed.

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- Calvin Coolidge

I hope she took her vaccine.

I hope she took her vaccine.