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First the Ukraine and Now Venezuela! It's About to Go Down

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What a bunch of nonsense!

This is pure Zionist propaganda. Yes, the music makes it appeal to your emotions, but don't be suckered in! Israel and the U.S. are following the same model of "regime change" they have used in Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. Identify/create the opposition, finance them, arm them, train them, and then turn them loose to create chaos and totally destroy a nation all because they don't bow down before Israeli/American dictates. Israel has a particular vendetta against Venezuela since Chavez cozied up to Iran after breaking diplomatic relations with Israel in 2009 due to Operation Cast Lead. CIA/Mossad have a huge physical presence in Venezuela, sabotaging the electrical grid, recruiting the vulnerable, and doing everything possible to set the stage for violent upheaval. Those who were shot dead were victims of Mossad/CIA snipers, not the Maduro government. Chavez/Maduro economics may not be the ideal free-market principles of Ron Paul, but they are both patriots beloved by the people, by the masses, because their motives and intentions are pure. The economic crisis and brewing catastrophe is a result of outside intervention, and please don't be deceived into believing otherwise.

that's simply not true, I

that's simply not true, I have friends in Venezuela and Chavez is not "beloved by the people".

THx for posting

This is what socialism brings - poverty and violence at levels unlike any other society. Pray for Venuesalla is right. They will need divine intervention. Then pray for us.


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