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So the race issue w/RP isn't an issue here in Ft. Worth

I went out canvassing tonight with my daughter and the street I went onto, I was greeted at 7 doors out of 25 by the following:

2 50+ black guys, really cool to talk to and both were pumped to get a DVD about Ron Paul

1 25-30 yr old black guy, holding a baby just like me, wasn't registered, got him to register, and told him about Ron Paul and he was excited to hear about him as well as get a DVD and thanked me several times.

3 hispanic men - all registered republican and all knew about Ron Paul and were happy to have as much info as I had available because they all amazingly said they hadn't decided yet.

1 guy from either pakistan or india, was rough at first but wasn't registered and was brief but smiled when I gave him the info to register because he verbalized he hadn't done it yet, and was happy to get the Ron Paul info.

The only 2 guys that were sort of "blah, Ron Paul" were older white guys who, as soon as I mentioned Ron Paul, they said "eh, don't like him" and that was that.

Man, people, get out there and canvass and report back!!! It's so easy to do and people will NOT bite your head off. I'd say 90% or more are probably happy to see SOMEONE involved in the political process and are glad to give their opinion. At least here in Fort Worth, TX.

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This has been my experience too.

I had a black lady pull off the road to get Ron Paul info. and, in fact, I have had some really great responses from black voters. They are either really enthusiastic or ignore me (Obama supporters?). Either way, i've been given respect.

Also, lot of honks and thumbs-up from the Indian and Pakistani members of the community. Good response from hispanics too.

Who gives me a hard time about Ron Paul?

White people

Who gives me no response?


Am I over-generalizing? Probably.


Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Good to hear!

Any other news about Paul support in Texas?

Great to hear.

Great to hear.

Everyone else seeing this as

Everyone else seeing this as well?

Throw money Ron's way on FEB 1ST! (SIGN UP NOW!) Then go knock on some doors and canvass some more!...

Cool. thanks for the report

Always enjoy reading those kind of things!

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