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Why "They" Want Amnesty

The Treaty signed to end the Revolutionary War contained a concession that ALL COMMERCE would be regulated and contracted through British Attorny's known as Esquires only.

Attorny's and lawyers are not "licensed", only an "ADMITTED MEMBER" of the BAR ( which stands for British or Barrister Arictocracic Accreditation Regency), and as such are Un-registered foreign agents, and so they are traitors.

Esquires are foreign non-citizens (aliens).

Not only are Esquires aliens, as Esquires are Unconstitutional Titles of honor and nobility, they are specifically prohibited from holding any elected Public Office of trust.

Above, paraphrased from Redemption Manual 4.5.

Since many of Congress and even the president hold this status, any type of "immigration reform" will bring to light and to question, the legal status of the very people running our country.

It would be interesting to see, and I intend to read the proposed Amnesty Bill to see if they are, in the fine print, trying to include themselves to prevent and/or remedy legitimate charges of high treason and sedition that could and should be brought forth by We The People.

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