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Body of missing woman found in her parked car - covered with parking tickets

New details are emerging after a woman was found dead in her car near 30th Street Station Thursday.

The mother of two had been missing since earlier this month. Her Nissan was found Thursday parked on 30th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets.

“Some people were calling 911 to report that the vehicle was parked illegally, looking like seven or eight parking tickets from the Parking Authority were issued,” Lt. John Walker explained.


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How much do you want to bet

How much do you want to bet that the city sues her estate to try and get the parking ticket money.They will probably impound the car and charge a storage fee each day they have it until the bill is more than the value of the car so they can steal it too.

From the title it sounds like

From the title it sounds like she was covered with parking tickets.