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"I Am Ukrainian"


This is a powerful message from a young woman, begging the world to help her and her countrymen achieve freedom from "politicians who only want to help themselves."

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This is a

propaganda video. She may have conviction for her cause, but she has been manipulated by the same Bolshevik fashioned brainwashing, that's taught in our education system. Recall the fools in Occupy Wallstreet? They were mostly the same 'milleniums' protesting for a cause, that most didn't really even have any understanding of what they were protesting. That was just a trial run to see how well our communist inspired education system was working, and to get a head count on the numbers. This is Ukranian protest is just Occupy, directed to go 'hot'. These fools don't know by entering the EU, that they will be entering what Gorbachev recently call the EU Soviet!

If you want to see the 'empirical facts', that our education system has been modeled with the Soviet system, here's the document signed by Reagan and Gorbachev merging the systems. This was aquired by Charlotte Iserbyt, who saw this memo when she was the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, when she tried to blow the whistle back then. She was unable to apprehend a copy of the agreement as it was taken out of reach, but she later was contacted by somebody who obtained a copy, and she paid big bucks to get. http://americandeception.com/index.php?action=downloadpdf&ph...

From Prison Planet.

From Prison Planet. Protestors Backed by Konya 2012 Style Scam


You beat me to it!

Another fraudalent video from "Syrian Danny" and "Kony-2012" crowd.



oh really? I have a friend

oh really? I have a friend who's parents are still there..her dad is in Kiev daily... she believes they will achieve their democracy... I told her it was unlikely since they were being controlled by (former,still scary) Soviets.

Can you explain for me?