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Bev need"s help!

http://blackboxvoting.org/ in need of support again to ensure all Americans votes count, but cannot do it without money. Since the establishment is trying to make sure your sovereignty is taken by computers overseeing your vote ,we all need to pitch in to groups that are fighting for you and you're right to have a public counting of all votes!

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getting to hate everything about voteting

After another day of reading and watching vid"s about vote fraud i am getting so disgusted.

YOU are the grassroots.

YOU are the campaign. Just do it!

The only way we can lose is to forget that we are winning!

How long?

Has this guy been a member?


I have been reading this group for about 3 months but just signed up a few days ago.

His profile does not appear - like he is new?

Or somehow blocked?
Click on a person's logon name to see details. Seems to work on everyone except his/hers.

Why do these pleas always sound like scams?

Who are you?
What are you trying to do?
What "group" are you pitching?

The generic statement is completely without any details. Sounds like a scam, or a Fox propoganda reporter trying to get hooked up with Trevor.

my name

My name is Richard wolf i have nothing to hide my e-mail addy is Rwol9999@aol.com i was a painting contractor in north carolina and georgia until my accidents ......my plea as you call it is to either form a group like black box dot org or help to raise funds for bev and other groups like hers to make sure all of the American people's vote get counted! I am a Ron paul supporter and a once proud American.Any more questions you can e-mail me.

Please DO NOT tell Allison where you got her Number

She knows Trevor and works with NHQ.

i will do everything i can to help get this going

I have plenty of time but zero money I have been in three car accidents,all of the forced me into back and neck sugerys so now am unable to work.I am in the middle of trying to get medicade and disabilty, but you know all the red tape... you pay in but the dont want to give it back when you need it.I can be on this computer for about 3-4 hours a day . I want to help out any way I can. Come on folks who will help me organize and get this going.We despratly need people in all states and all countys every time votting happens lets get together the Voting Police and Voting Dectives!

As much as I love everything

As much as I love everything Trevor has done for the campaign, we can't run to him every time we have a task that we think he can help us with.

Trevor Lyman is just another normal guy who is doing all he can to help Ron Paul win this election.

In fact, I want you to think about all of the heroes of this campaign.

Trevor Lyman, Veejay, The Granny Warriors, Bev from Black Box Voting, and any number of other prominent figures in this grassroots effort. What do they all have in common, other than their support for Ron Paul? They're NORMAL FOLKS just like you and me.

So rather than sit around and wait for these folks to come to our rescue, why don't you be the Trevor Lyman of your state, or the Granny Warrior in your precinct.... We all have the ability to be heroes in this campaign, if we want it bad enough.


What we need to do is form a non-profit organization, with a chapter in each state, with an elected board for each chapter and complete transparency.

I was thinking about the same exact thing a few weeks ago

There are just too many different organizations, websites, that it is too confusing to keep up with everything. This will be especially important to keep this liberty movement going in the future.

I want to start a non-profit too. I think 527 is the way to go (not a PAC though - too regulated). A combination think-tank / 527.

We need just ONE serious organization to keep everyone together and informed for the long-term, to take our country back.

After next week I'll do some research into the logistics of this. Too much going on before Super Tuesday to do this now.

My goal is to have an all-encompassing organization, just like RP's campaign. A way for all like-minded people, of all the various political parties to keep in touch.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

thats right

we do need to but how could we ever raise that much money?

You don't need that much money really...

we already have a million people that will sign up. LOL. Surely people could donate 2 bucks a month.

I don't think money is the issue.