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Jogger in Austin arrested for Failure to Identify

Earlier I watched a video posted about this but I couldn't figure out what was going on. Here is an article from Blaze with more detail:


Univ. of Texas has a YAL chapter - hope they invite her to join!

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Seriously?! Brown vs Texas 1979

'Brown v. Texas, 443 U.S. 47 (1979), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court determined that the defendant's arrest in El Paso County, Texas for a refusal to identify himself, after being seen and questioned in a high crime area, was not based on a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing and thus violated the Fourth Amendment. It is an important case for Stop and Identify statutes in the United States.[1]'

Know your rights...you may have to appeal to higher courts to properly defend them but those who do so help to secure the rights of the rest of us. This is good court case to cite if you find yourself in similar circumstances.

Better article "The Daily Texan"

Updated: APD Police Chief Art Acevedo defends jogger arrest, said he would have been less generous

Love the comments...

I like this one:

"Dooshbag Acevedo should be fired and sent to jail. He obviously in on one of the biggest power trips in Texas. A small peeter does that to some men, that's why the become cops.

By the way, doesn't the APD have any kind of health program? Those cops are extremely fat. They have not double, but triple chins.

The girl should have continued jogging, no way fat boys would have caught. They'd puke up their donuts after three steps."

Wow! “All that young lady had

“All that young lady had to do when she was asked for her information was to provide it by law, “ Acevedo said.
Artie Acevedo doesn't even try to hide the fact that his thugs are trained to do "Papers Please!", Nazi style confrontations.
"Failure to identify!" "By LAW!"
"Sieg Heil!"
Hey Artie, Nice try with the nanny state line -- "Were out there saving LIVES!"
How about probable cause before a peace officer intrudes on an "Innocent until proven guilty".
Maybe Amanda Jo was practicing "Stranger Danger!" when she yelled and screamed.
Or maybe she was just shocked and afraid when she was detained like a criminal without cause.
Or maybe -- and I know you won't like this one -- She hasn't forgotten she's an American with God given, inalienable rights, protected by a LAW called the U.S. Constitution & The Bill of Rights.
You know, the ones we fought and died for?

Adolf Eichmann

He was only following orders, too.

The title of the linked

The title of the linked article is disgusting. Allegedly went for a jog? NO. Crimes are supposed to be labeled "alleged." You're innocent until proven guilty. Allegedly going about your innocent business is a presumption of guilt.

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Better article "The Daily Texan"


We've gone full circle...

I was just thinking that this is what it was like in the '60's; if the cops didn't like the way you looked they could find a way to harass you and arrest you. Then, it went the opposite direction, where everyone had their rights and the cops couldn't do anything. Now, it's like the 60's on steroids; they aren't targeting a specific group of people (long-hairs, anti-war, etc), it's everyone who is the target. Interestingly, it was the Dems, Jimmy Carter, etc who supported everyone having rights, and today it is the Dems who have become the fascists.

Know your rights

Fuck statutes, it's called

Fuck statutes, it's called the 4th amendment.

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It sounds like

she did not have to identify herself.

My sister lives in Austin

and she told me they arrest people for jaywalking there. I just sent her the article and asked her if she heard about this. Too many cops with nothing to do.

Better article "The Daily Texan"


Reminded me of this case from my law classes in college

What made this case interesting was that Lawson was not only a black man with dreadlocks he lived in the upscale neighborhood of LA Jolla . He was constantly harassed and arrested for not having an ID. Little did the cops know Lawson was an educated man with a masters degree and a PHD.


thanks for the update

it appears she is clueless that she lives in a police state. welcome to reality.

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Better article "The Daily Texan"



"According to the infogrpahic in TheBlaze story from January and other sources, in Texas you only have to show ID once you’ve been arrested, not before. If you’re lawfully detained in Texas, you do not have to provide ID. However, you cannot give false information about who you are."


"However, you cannot give false information about who you are."

So ... who are you? I would really be interested in hearing from anyone who has an empirical and factual response to the question.

Better article "The Daily Texan"