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Which U.S. State Will Be Next To Legalize Marijuana?

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I think NJ is close

We already have medical MJ, and as soon as Chris Christie is replaced, I think the next governor will shift policy. Philadelphia and NYC already have liberal weed laws and they're right on our borders.

We could speed the process up by taking pot off the Schedule I list. How is it that we have a president who has admitted to smoking pot, as did both of his predecessors, but it's still a federal crime? The height of hypocrisy.

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Florida - Amendment 2 -

Florida - Amendment 2 - Nov/2014

I believe PA passed a Medical MJ bill this week

Unfortunately, Governor Corbett has repeatedly and publicly declared that he will not sign any MMJ or legalization bill that is passed.

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Colorado has gone to the POT?


Even our Governor in Minnesota said he would sign a Medical Marijuana Bill if it comes across his desk.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

they legalize it

and a dealer only gets 4X as much business as when he was only selling to medical patients.?! Sounds like a crazy rush. Everyone must be doing drugs now. The world is coming to an end.

If it grows out of the ground

If it grows out of the ground and heals it ain't drugs!

Kentucky blue grass... "It's

Kentucky blue grass...

"It's a little harsh, but here...cannon ball it."


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Oh CaddyShack, how I love


"Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, Sir, and I never slice."

*Swing and a slice*


"Okay, you can OWE ME!"



My wife just doesn't understand ;)

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

So frustrating the stance taken in the news

"Flush money down the drain of black market", instead supporting the new sales for all that new tax revenue. I'd have to say the taxation is the real toilet for the money. Is money really going down the toilet when you buy stuff from a neighbor at a yard sale? Whats the difference? I wish we had a better way to call out these idiotic conversations put out on public tv.


Does anyone here think that the federal government is just going to roll over & die? Illegal weed is their money laundering scheme. That's why they're in cahoots with the Mexican cartel. The big busts in Chicago are nothing more than media fodder to justify the anti-drug agencies existence. It would put a big dent in the police state personnel numbers. Everyone knows that Chicago is the illegal weed distribution point for the cartel. With the sizable Mexican population here, they can recruit manpower for protection. The police when necessary, provide protection & turn a blind eye. Look who's mayor. This is a smooth, slick operation with the Mossad U.S. pointman at the helm.

Do you think the American people are just going to roll over...

and die? Many Democrats and Republicans see the War on Drugs, more so marijuana than hard drugs, as a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

As a Libertarian, it's refreshing to see most people are finally catching-up.

With the NSA, TSA and a militarized police-state, we've had our freakin' feel of our over-reaching, over-reactive government and I think we're going to send them, the Federal Reserve, banks and every LEO a loud and clear message to F-OFF in the next two elections.

Well, it was pretty humiliating

that Oregon (one of the first states to decriminalize possession)
didn't manage to do it in 2012.

OTOH - Oregon's bill was a lot less bureaucratic and more liberty-
friendly than Washington's or Colorado's and so did not have
any deep-pocket backers. Came with a built-in 10th Amendment
challenge if the Feds tried to nullify/override it, too...


Hopefully, we'll come through next time around.

I wish they would wake up

I wish they would wake up down south

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Georgia will likely pass medical marijuana legislation...

I am thinking/hoping Rhode Island will legalize soon as well (not that RI is a southern state, because it isn't, just hoping they legalize soon).

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Fox: Girl Scouts Boosting Sales By Setting Up Outside Pot Shops

fox news approves!?

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