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Is this just theatrics?

How will the Feds retaliate? You know they will. http://benswann.com/breaking-missouri-legislators-vote-to-nu...

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Bypassing the THEATRICS

of the posts on this thread, I will reply to the poster and to the actual topic.

This is a good step forward, but based on past history it might be theatrics. But that may not be the point. This is PRESS. Press that is sending a very strong message (right along with the nullification going on in CT right now). That message is: The People of the USA will NOT stand by and be disarmed. That is our "Red Line" (IMO). We are pushing back against Tyranny hard, and I think we're winning this battle.

I pray it passes though ; )
P.S. Thanks for posting this, and sorry to see your thread has gotten highjacked this way.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Thank you.

For the refreshing intellect. You give me hope.


The thread was dead. I pulled it from the user's account and in a pot below explained that I did not want to bump the "Granger" thread to respond to the poster. I'm so happy it found you and you like it.


No I wouldn't

If I really cared about downvotes as in numbers, I wouldn't post on DP. What I care about is the message of the downvotes in numbers, for example, ISRAEL. Until I mentioned Israel, a recent discovery in my life, I had no idea of the hostile feelings and connections. Now those hostilities have been revealed. Your insults reflect who you are, which is negative and condesending to me.

Have a great posting day.


...dear. You having such thin skin makes for a very skewed outlook, particularly on your pet topic. I see that you conflate opinion with insult and generalize those you insist are condescending in your view, as negative. While I admit you have every right to your opinion, I see that you won't seek common ground. But this sure feels to me like the little boy,or girl, who cries wolf. And as you will throw the baby out with the bath water, as you explained earlier i/e Ben Swann, what, but negative, do you have to contribute? It doesn't matter to me personally, but you are detracting from the value and substance of what could be accomplished here. Call it A morbid fascination that I might entertain if you will.


The sad fact you have nothing but insults is no reflection on the thickness of my skin.

I bumped a lst thread, and I'm doing it again. Good luck fiunding your subtance and accomplishment here, aferall, that's up to you, who seem to do more whinning about what you don't have than getting to work with what you do (because all I see from you are insults to me and and one liners to the others you care so much about)..

It is not yours...

to claim right or wrong. Megalomaniac comes to mind when I read your strange posts. You really need to tone shit down. If you care to make a difference, one way or another, for whatever cause you feel dear, just make sense. Try to articulate and be concise when rebutting what one replies. Reply completely to the content to be seen as credible, if, you seek to further your causes, otherwise, my dear, whether you notice or not, you drag down the conversation and ostracize your self and your cause in a dithering collage of lost opportunity. You must not see my criticism as seeking your undoing, or that your "gracious" bumping means anything. I am speaking to you. Not the masses. You know as well as I do that I am not trying insult you. That is too easy. I want to know why you are here. Why do you hurt? Why do strike out at those that you chance to question your antics? I sense a hurt woman with anger towards perceived male effrontery. That or an elaborate diversion as I have alluded to too before. No explanation necessary. If you are sincere, then you are lucky to have found an audience so willing ( tho not all) to look through your hasty judgements ( again,tho not all) here. If you are snickering to yourself right now, then fuck you. Otherwise, please read carefully, as constructive criticism can chafe a fragile and defensive ego. We must strive forward in all of our adolescent (read fresh) perceptions. You really must look closely and find that I seldom waste my words. I trust you know how. Maybe we can each be our own saving grace. Sincerely andrewaf.

My cause

is to learn. You can't stop it, so knock off the insults and threats.


you read none of my post? And if you did, then I see the extent of your willful ignorance. You are a waste of time.

I don't know

I don't care enough to upvote or downvote as you pointed out on a thread by my name, as the votes are meaningless as YOU want it to be (and a neverending topic on DP threads since installed).

None the less, it appears you thread about Ben Swann (BS), who I have no interest, though I like his promoters.. I'm just not into "news" hosts, happy to give you a BIG BUMP for your thread and whoever is into BS.

If he spoke of Isreal...

...would you care? Are you really this obtuse, or is this part of your multifaceted self image you are manifesting for us? And please don't act as if you know what I want and I will return the favor. No hard feelings, Mrs. Alphabet Soup.

You arnt into news hosts?

But are you into truth? because that is what Ben Swann has been consistant with and to simply dismiss him like that shows no thought at all.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


I watched very little TV when growing up, was never into going to movies.. never owned a TV.. had a radio for a few weeks. I loved the Grateful Dead.. so I did collect boots, and I played those boots in my tape player. But news, TV, MSM, newspapers.. they never interested me. When the computer came along, at first it was the Web and the Net all connected by the Grateful Dead.. as the net changed.. most news and things escaped me until I came to DP.

I have watched more talking faces since I've been a member of DP then ever in my entire life. I am not a fan of any of the talking heads that have been promoted on DP. They bore me, and that's not their fault, it is my own.. I'm just not media tuned, but most people are, so I avoid the MSM BS/Judge/GB/ whoever topic posts because those who enjoy them should be free to enjoy them. My perspective about them is alien thus immaterial.

This post, I responded because the poster was posting to me on a thread titled "Granger" by Unknownuser, and I am not going to bump that thread with a response, rather, I found a topic post by the poster on the Granger thread and while I didn't vote on it, I did bump it to respond to the poster.

Furthermore, even if BS/GB/whoever was promoting Israel I wouldn't be tuned in.


I wasn't a dead fan, but trading and listening to boots of my favorite bands was the best!

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Par for the course...


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?