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Rand Paul works to widen GOP's appeal to minorities

WHAS 11 in Louisville, Kentucky - 2/21/14


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Leave the feel good crap to the liberals

Let's see how Rand's outreach to minorities pays off in terms of VOTES next election.



Spread The Message

That is how you win!.... Educate the masses

Infiltrate and win over the uneducated by educating them in the principles of liberty..

"I Stand With Rand"

Liberty is spreading*******!!!

Voice out for the message of liberty, STAND UP FOR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.

kind people rock

Stand With Rand. Rand Paul 2016. :)

Ron used his genius to help to pave the way, Rand is using his own genius to finish the job.

Rather than "outreach" to minorities...

Rather than pandering to minorities, who are not very likely to vote for Republicans anyway, the party should adopt the "Sailer Strategy," named after Steve Sailer, who proposed the idea.


The basic concept behind a long-term Sailer Strategy for Republicans: You want more of the kind of people likely to vote for your party in the country and fewer of the kind of people likely to vote for the other party.

This may sound a shocking thing for any Republican to say. But there’s a flagrant double standard here: the Democrats get to implement this logic quite unashamedly. They have long boasted that their policy of bringing in foreigners to vote for them will eventually give them a Chicago-like one-party hegemony over the United States.

In other words, end mass immigration, end generous refugee resettlement programs, and end the welfare state "spoils system" that effectively subsidizes high minority fertility rates. 50+ years of the welfare state has failed to produce any real results in terms of improving the quality of life for the majority of black people, but it has worked as designed---blacks are now firmly in the party of LBJ. It was always a transparent political ploy.

But do Republicans have the fortitude necessary to explicitly advocate for the interests of the historic American majority? If Romney is any judge, they do not. The jury is still out on the question of Rand Paul, but I would not get my hopes up.

Soph, you need to take a step

Soph, you need to take a step back and embrace the power of Ideas. If pessimistic defeatists like you would stop giving in to racism and Hate, all people could come together for the true values of Liberty.

I grow more and more

I grow more and more impressed with him with everything he does.

I Stand With Rand!!!

This guy is The One.



The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

That's an impressive

news report for a Republican candidate.