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There stands Ron Paul like a stone wall

I like the sound of that! Maybe it would make a nice new slogan at a sign wave!


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I love Ron Paul BUT...

I love Ron Paul but he is no Stonewall Jackson.

Of course you could make a case that he is in a more dire situation than Gen Jackson.

I mean, at least in 1861 you had whole states with you. ROn Paul is like a voice in teh wilderness. Uh oh, I think I just compared Ron Paul to John the Baptist!

If I may differ with you...

Ron Paul has been a Stonewall Jackson for 20 years. Standing strong against the liberalism that felled the rest of the Rupublican party!

Other candidates are falling out of the race, Rudy next, while Ron Paul is still in the race.

Ron Paul has said that he will stay the couse as long as he has our support.

This may well be a Primary of determination and finances.

"Stonewall" Paul

I like the sound of that... it has a good ring to it-- makes me think back to General "Stonewall" Jackson's stand at the Battle of Manassas that earned him that nickname.

Think we can make it stick to the good Doctor?

Stonewall Paul

I love it. It is PERFECT!!!!

You Probably Already Know This, But

that's a play on Stonewall Jackson. "Stonewall" received the moniker after the First Battle of Bull Run when a general was able to encourage his terrified troops by yelling to them "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall!" Jackson was, by all accounts, an incredibly brave soldier and he was indeed standing solid while the musket balls were whizzing by his head.


why I posted it.
But thankyou for relaying the information for those who might not know!