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Marijuana legalization - A globalist plot?

Free-Market Analysis: We've been predicting that the movement to decriminalize marijuana would eventually end up at legalization but we never expected things would move this fast.

On the other hand, we believe this entire movement to be a kind of dominant social theme. For one reason or another – or a number of reasons, actually – the globalists among us have decided that legal marijuana suits them better than illegal marijuana at this point in time. -

See more at: http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/35047/Decriminaliz...

As believers in directed history, we fully expect to see a political dialogue commence shortly that may include heated rhetoric, but surely the outcome is predetermined. Maggi is an insider – not an outsider – and the same can be surely be said for those behind marijuana legalization in the US. We've already rehearsed the likely arc of this emerging industry. Medical marijuana is the wedge that has putatively created the larger opportunity. But as medical marijuana ceases to be the model, one will see more and more outright legalization rather than decriminalization. At the same time, licensing, taxing and regulating of the emergent marijuana "business" will continue nonstop – as will its eventual centralization. But that time is not yet. Entrepreneurs have not yet begun to be squeezed – or not seriously. In fact, the business cycle regarding marijuana has barely begun.

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A globalist plot? Or simply

A globalist plot? Or simply politicians jumping in front of a parade, (and entrepreneurs looking to make good investments)?

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The only 'conspiracy' I could possibly see in this is that legalized pot would let to regulated pot, which would lead to more taxation. Not everything revolves around globalists or secret cabals-- some folks give these groups way too much credit.

More and more people grow their own pot anyway, even along highways, so even taxing it wouldn't work out very well except perhaps in urban areas.

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Title mostly irrelevant to the content

Which turned out to be an advertisement to buy stock.

Don't know...

but.. I do know:
Anyone can physically grow it.
It can physically grow anywhere.
These 2 factors alone
makes 'control' and 'regulation' logistically impossible.
Not a very good basis for a global 'plot'.