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Michael, You Screwed me and now you have to help me! (LoL!)

My friend you gave me the wheat belly books and now I am totally screwed. I have Susan on board and all is moving along quite well EXCEPT!

You or our DP family must teach me a recipe for making a ROUX or my gumbo is totally screwed.

It is your fault Michael (LOL) for I am a prize wining gumbo chef. I need all my (DP) family to start making a roux with all the alternative mixes. I need your help with this more than you know.

I will be competing in about four months and I need the perfect mixture. I am NOT going to stop the Wheat Belly prescription for I have Susan on board.

Now I need ALL of your help. You must help my GUMBO. It is all about the ROUX.


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Ah, Jim! A good problem to have.

I didn't even know what roux was until just a minute ago.

I found this recipe below, which calls for rice flour.

I see others below have offered all kinds of alternatives. Someone mentioned almond flour. That is a good one.

Here is another one:

Normally you would use equal parts fat/oil and flour. The gluten-free flours don't swell as much, though, so as in the case of these photos where I did use almost equal parts oil and flour (used a little more flour), there was too much oil left at the end. It wasn't hard, though, to tilt the pan a little and spoon out some excess.

I have also started experimenting with weight of flour vs. by the cup, so I had a little more than the oil in flour. I like to use brown rice flour for roux because it's already a little brown, which helps, but I think I may add a little sweet rice flour to the combination next time around.


Four months, you have plenty of time! Keep us posted.

I'm really excited to hear so many people making positive changes in their lives. Keep up the good work Jim. Nice to see you around.

Doc says no more wheat bread. Which breads can i have?

Doc says no more wheat bread. Which breads can i have?

Whether for weigh loss, healthy gut or wheat / arthritis connection etc what breads can I eat?

I've been told no problem just go with sourdough or rye and others say no.

I've read coconut bread, rice bread, millet bread, sweet potato bread, buckwheat and finally saw spelt bread like Rudis mentioned below.

Any help?


The "Crust" here can be used lots of different ways.

Stop eating grass in any form if you can (wheats, rices, etc...). Unlike the digestive systems of ruminants, we can not ferment these "foods" to break them down. We do not have the right kind of microbes in a stomach compartment eating the sugars in grasses and leaving amino acids, like cows and other ruminants have.

I made a few Rouxs in the

I made a few Rouxs in the past week with a gluten free flour mix from Publix. Its a rice, corn, and potato starch blend. So far I have used it in place of regular flour without any problem.

I even did my last roux with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. I find it cooked even better with it. The only problem was I had to add a lot more flour to oil for it to thicken.

Spelt Flour:

I use spelt flour.

Spelt–Wheat from pre-Biblical times up until the Middle Ages that, like its successors, contained the ABD genomes, but this D genome predates genetic changes introduced by geneticists. Spelt flour is higher in protein content than modern Triticum aestivum flour.

Google "spelt flour roux"

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Tom Rankin

sounds like you got some time to experiment

I am very interested in this. Please tell us what you discover,, as there is limited info online. Try as many combination as possible of different fats and gluten free fours, such as these:

potato flour
rice flour
tapioca flour
chestnut four
coconut flour
almond flour
buckwheat flour
garbanzo flour
fava bean flour
millet flour

and then there are the various mixes, such as Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All Purpose flour. I would start with the millet first, I think.

I just ordered a Cajun cookbook, so I will be experimenting with this soon.

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I think I remember reading

I think I remember reading Slippery Elm Bark is a thickening agent and is nutritious, but you may want to check this out for accuracy.

Compromise! ;)

Try a different wheat, like einkorn...
It's not the modern high gluten (glutein, gliadin) frankenwheat!

from Amazon comments...
jovial einkorn flour
By Ann Martin on October 6, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase

"I was inspired by the book "Wheat Belly" to completely reorganize my pantry.
I switched my family to almond flour, coconut flour, etc...
But in some of my favorite recipees you just can't replace wheat flour, simply can't; like pizza, for instance..."

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John, I happened to purchase

some EMMER seed this past year. I am going to plant some and see how it works. At the very least I will save all the seed to allow for planting even more.

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1/4 cup (60 mL) bacon grease
3 tbs. coconut flour
3 tbs. almond flour
Heat the grease, whisk in the flours. Stir continuously until it turns dark brown.

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Excellent recipe. People need

Excellent recipe.

People need to grasp that all strains of wheat are bad and all grains are bad.

You won't realize positive results unless you completely eliminate wheat and other grains.

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Bless you Betty Liberty, I will

try this tomorrow. I have to get as close as I can to my own roux, without wheat. I'll make what I can when I can. I so thank you for your recipe. I just need to extrapolate to the amount I need for 10 gallons of gumbo.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

If you find that the flours are too 'grainy'

Try Xanthan Gum. It's a great gluten-free thickener.

3/4 cup bacon grease and then add one tablespoon of Xanthan gum. Brown it to the desired color.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

work hard at getting

that almond flour fine. I love it for a crumb crust, but I'd imagine it'd be grainy suspended in liquids.

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