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Chuck Baldwin for Vice-President = WIN

There has been some discussion of a VP slot for various would be pretenders to the Presidency that have competed against Dr. Paul. I fail to understand the reasoning for choosing people who not only are diametrically opposed to Dr. Paul but are also part of the problems Dr. Paul is trying to fix, not to mention they have absolutely no clear understanding of the issues facing America today.

Rather I think Dr. Paul will wisely choose someone who espouses his principles, understands the critical issues, and also brings electoral diversity to the ticket.

While some have suggested Judge Andrew Napolitano, I think he would make a better AG and then SCOTUS justice. We need someone like Napolitano behind the Justice Department and then on the high court - BADLY.

My vote is for Chuck Baldwin to get the nod for Veep. He is prominent in the Constitution Party, is an excellent speaker, and is very knowledgeable about the issues. He is also a pastor, and will silence any of the 'evangelicals' who pretend to the silent majority that will flock to McCain or Romney. He will show them for what they really are - un-Christian war-mongering big-government neo-cons.

If you are unsure about Mr. Baldwin I invite you to read this article here:


and see his endorsement video on Godtube.com here:


Being from Florida, he could also help Dr. Paul win a key state that just went to McCain and Hillary.

Whether Dr. Paul is in the general election as a Republican or 3rd Party, if he has Baldwin on the ticket, he will likely sweep the south. This, coupled with heavy campaigning in the midwest and northeast corridor, and the great lakes on the economy, a little focus on the far west on real conservative principles, and he can take the White House.

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Baldwin good choice

But I still like Walter Williams as my number one choice.

He writes

some good articles that's for sure.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Chucks not bad.

Chucks not bad.

I would Suggest Former Governor Johnson from New Mexico or Bob B

arr from Georgia,former Congressman from Monica Lewinsky fame who now is a Libertarian....Or any Billionaire who could sock a few hundred million into a national campaign...:)

Ron Paul'08

Chuck Baldwin is a very respectable person.

Chuck Baldwin is a very respectable person. I have heard his radio program in the past and he believes in good conservative principles.

Michael Badnarik

My vote is for Michael Badnarik. Constitutional scholar with some fire in his belly. Watch his constitution class on Google Video--worth every minute.

My vote for VP would be...

U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker. He would be an excellent fit with Dr. Paul.


"It is useless for sheep to pass a resolution in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion." William Randolph Inge

I like this suggestion much

I like this suggestion much better than the Paul/Huckabee ticket =X

And I think this could be a powerful weapon in disarming Huck..