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Joel Salatin at LPAC 2013


Farmer and author, Joel Salatin, spoke to attendees on Thursday, September 19, at the 2013 Liberty Political Action Conference on the important topic of food freedom.

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Joel is a frequent and

Joel is a frequent and popular speaker at homeschool conventions in Richmond, Virginia. He was also featured in Food, Inc. which is free for those who have Amazon Prime. Just a warning - if you don't have a desire to garden or raise chickens in your backyard, you will.

"just a warning"

Yea, now two years of pigs a couple batches of chickens and numerous pen variations, then I started building my own sprouting boxes for feed and now Aquaponics. The 'problem' does spread :P and creates the most wonderful food I haven't tastes since childhood.

What I love about Joel

is he shows libertarian purists how dumb they are on food safety. Purists, no matter what the topic, are idiots. He is one of the reasons I've stopped calling myself libertarian. He still describes himself that way but I know he knows better when it comes right down to it. If you want a thump your chest victory against tyranny, do it with food. I am.

Labels are dangerous in todays world.

They have been used to group and shape people for political purposes.

That said, I love Truth, Liberty, non aggression, and GOOD FOOD! I don't need a label. ;)

why are they dumb on food safety?



Any of you check out the fund to help push the legal rights of food freedom? It has a Bunch of other good info as well. I like growing my own stuff and it would be nice to think about the ability to sell without fear of jail for doing so. I like his idea of at least starting the freedom process with two markets, the one 'controlled' by the usda and the other Free to do as you please and consumers who choose accordingly.

Couple of Quotes From the Speech

"A government that can keep you from engaging in risky behavior, will also so narrowly proscribe what's acceptable, that you can't engage in innovative behavior." -Joel Salatin

"Every time we ask for government remedy it always favors the biggest players and prejudices the smaller, innovative players." -Joel Salatin

Hear, Hear!

Hands down, the most delicious speech ever given at LPAC!

If Joel were ever invited to speak at CPAC, I'd poop my pants for joy! :D

upvoted all except the pants pooping thing.

EWE... :-p

i love this guy

he's great


Thank you for sharing it. I will be doing the same.

THANK YOU Joe Salatin, for what you are doing.

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