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MSM missing the point

I think we nay be missing the point when it comes to the mainstream media. We focus on their ignoring of Ron Paul and their support of the "front runners". The point that we need to highlight is their rejection of the message of the platform of the Ron Paul movement. The alphabet soup of news organizations in their neglect of Dr Paul show their obvious rejection of the very views that the revolution supports. They are rejecting the return of freedom for the American people, they reject the overthrowing of the yoke of the central banks, they reject the right of Americans to self determination in the face of globalism, they reject the right of the individual to competent non intrusive health care, they are rejecting the very rights given to Americans from every founding father and every fighting veteran that every laid their life liberty and sacred honor on the truths defined within our Constitution. They have forfeited their time honored duty to be the fourth estate within the balance of power that made this country great. They in their obvious attempt to define what is news and what isn't make a conscious decision to not question the abuse of power of the branches of government and perform true investigative journalism and prefer instead to waste our time with what is happening to a lost fame damaged Britney Spears. In their unholy quest in pursuit of the love of money they have sacrificed their trust for corporate monetary gain. They have shown that they cannot be trusted and are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the global elite. How then do we fight this? WE do it by talking to our families, by talking to our neighbors, by talking to our co-workers, by talking to strangers. We do it by standing up and being heard. We do it by overcoming the apathy that has gripped political freedom in this country since Nov 22 1963. We have lived a lifetime passively accepting the loss of our freedoms. We must regain the courage to believe and insist on the freedoms that so many great Americans have given their last full measure of devotion to ensure. We are in a struggle with the MSM to deliver the truth we start by exposing them for what they are.

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Great post!

I could sum it up in just five words: "I want my country back!"

*****The Federal Reserve is neither.*****

New media will kill old media within the next 15 years

The writing is on the wall

Doesn't matter which horse is first out of the gate...

Or who is in front at the first corner, or even on the proverbial "backstretch" ... it only matters which horse is in first when they cross the FINISH LINE!

Need proof... go watch the 2007 Kentucky Derby (and keep your eye on the horse that is 19th out of 20!)

Good job...how in the world did you think of pulling that one?

Nothing more American than the underdog.

But even the underdog has to, finally, make his move. And it ain't always by being the ultimate gentleman.


That was unbelievably exciting! WOW!

Point well taken.

RP's current "brokered convention" strategy with the long range plan of gradually and steadily building RP delegate numbers after Super Tuesday is going to win him the nomination just like the horse that started out in 19th place in the Kentucky Derby last year and paced himself for the come from behind win.

(At 1:29 watch at the bottom of the screen on the inside rail about half way back in the field and you will see him make his move. The jockey's colors are yellow and blue. Damn!)



Who needs the Old Media!

Thank you for your very lucid, informative post. I agree with everything you have said, especially your observation that:

"They [OM] have forfeited their time honored duty to be the fourth estate within the balance of power that made this country great. They in their obvious attempt to define what is news and what isn't make a conscious decision to not question the abuse of power of the branches of government and perform true investigative journalism..."

Although the OM staff don't take an oath of office to uphold the Constiution against all enemies foreign and domestic, they originally were dedicated to exposing corruption and tyranny in the public and private sectors. However, they have slowly and steadily betrayed there own goals and practices of being a check on the corruption and unconstitutional abuse of power in the public sector.

The abandonment of their original role forces we the RP supporters to take up that role ourselves and "be the media" for the American citizens who are being denied the truth of the message of the Ron Paul movement.


The Key is This is Corporate Media

Again, watch the video at:
The Judge explains corporate media as does, Jay, Dr. Paul just listen and watch and frankly watch it twice for what you missed the first time. This is the answer to the media.

Detective Krum Investigates:

A Lot of Folks I know

Still watch Faux and "Already Been Chewed" and "Now Broadcasting Crap" news stations.

The Faux watchers seem to be the most deceived. But all in all they all need help and are completely insane.. Most of them take Lipitor or some sort of anti depressant.

A Doped nation is a passive nation!

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

Read this article

For some commentary on a similar line of thinking:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Well worth the read. Thank you.

This really does a good job of evaluating the evidence and exposes the MSM as very unAmerican.


Can we please quit calling

Can we please quit calling the main stream media (MSM) the main stream media. They have done nothing to deserve that title and it makes me vomit every time I see it. Lets call them what they are...CORPORATE MEDIA (cm) or OLD MEDIA (om)...They are on their way out.
Its a proven "fact" that more Americans get their news from online sources than any other source now.

Corporate Media

Mainstream implies the main stream of information. The main thoroughfare from which information derives. In that sense using the term is absolutely correct. More people still get their news from television not the internet.

I do like the term "corporate media" as that's an even better description of the current state of things. I will be using that term from now on.

Old media is part of the new media

"Old media" is an old term that used to refer to all media outside the internet. Now that media is represented on the internet. It's a meaningless term now.

What do you mean by "corporate media?" Just a media company that has shareholders?

"Corporate media" is a term

"Corporate media" is a term which refers to a system of media production, distribution, ownership, and funding which is dominated by corporations, and is governed by the capitalist imperatives of maximizing profits for the investors, stockholders, and advertisers.

It is sometimes used as a term of derision to indicate a media system which does not serve the public interest in place of the "mainstream media" or "MSM," which tends to be used by both the left and the right as a derisive term.

If that's the case

then I can't condemn it. Maximizing profits is good. I'm all for capitalism. So I think using "corporate media" in a disparaging way sounds really leftist/socialist. There should be a better term than that. Just because a company has shareholders and is trying to make as much money as possible, that doesn't make them bad. The market decides whether they fail or succeed. Blame the market for incompetent media that survives. Don't blame the capitalist or capitalism.

You should just call it what it is: market-driven media. The media represents the general public. The general public doesn't want to see the same information that smarter individuals in the public want to see. This is why the media is what it is. It serves the appetite of the stupid masses. If it didn't, it couldn't survive.

Corporate Media

First watch this video:

Pay close attention to what The Judge says - he explains corporate media as does Jay Leno and the rest in the video.

Detective Krum Investigates:

What do you propose in its place?

Non-profit government owned media?

corporate bias media CBM

well, I'm going to refer to CBM (Corp Bias Media) when I post from now on everywhere. But I'm open to consensus. I am utterly sickened now and it gets worse every day. The nazi's couldn't have done a better job!
Whatever happens this will run and run. I mentioned on a DP post yesterday that if you google 'ron paul exclusion' or censorship or rp unfair. etc there are a lot of hits which means this sickening practice is being reported and with unstopable momentum. The game is nearly up. Word of mouth and dropping complaints to advertisers and sponsors of these facists will add to the growing disgust.
I'm all for a list of meddia comapnaies, reporters and the sponsors but I don't think you can call it yellow pages because that is a brand. How about hall of shame. The CBM Hall of Shame.

'I always thank of all you canvassors and precinct leaders and delegates who were at the front line and caucuses.
Good luck out there &Thank you. You're a gift.

I don't think so

I think that most of america still get's it news from the "MSM." They don't read, they certainly don't read on the internet, and they don't really care all that much to educate themselves. Which explains why Dr Paul only got 3% in Florida while the MSM's guys got all the rest.

"It is useless for sheep to pass a resolution in favor of vegetarianism while wolves remain of a different opinion." William Randolph Inge

Surveys show

that most people get their news from the internet.

If that were case

wouldn't we be ahead in the poles? I'm afraid that the sheeple are still watching the boob tube.

Someone on here had given me

Someone on here had given me the stats on internet vs. tv showing that the internet is used more for news than television. When I find the stats
I will post it. Until then lets hope that the sheeple become people and open their little furry eyes.