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Startmail is here!

Terms of use

We have designed the StartMail Service around the principle that your e-mail is your business and nobody else's, including ours. The privacy that we provide to you through the StartMail Service does not place you above the law, and it must not be abused. You are prohibited from using the StartMail Service to break the law or violate anyone's legal rights.


StartMail uses extended validation SSL certificates to securely transmit data and communications on the Website and via the StartMail Service. Please read our security white papers for more detailed information about our security measures.

Sign up here:

Sign up: Need an invite code to signup.

StartMail accounts are scheduled to be issued on a limited, first-come, first-served basis. Simply go to https://startmail.com, enter your email address, and check the "Advance Reservation" box at the bottom of the page. By reserving an invitation, you will be given the option to purchase an account, but will be under no obligation to do so.

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My big question is...

... where is the company domiciled? Where are the servers and the people that run it located? What protections are in place so the feds can't do the same thing that they did to Lavabit?

I also signed up for beta long ago and filled out the survey in January. I'd be willing to pay if I could understand why this company is more resistant to being violated by the feds and surveillance state.

The Netherlands! The feds

The Netherlands!

The feds would need a legit court order from a Dutch Court. It is the same company as Ixquick, and Start Page. Here is part of StarPage's privacy policy:

"Startpage is headquartered in The Netherlands, Europe. Any request or demand from any government (including the US) to deliver user data, will be thoroughly checked by our lawyers, and we will not comply unless the law which actually applies to us would undeniably require it from us. And even in that hypothetical situation, we would refer to the fact we have no personal user data to share.
In the fourteen years we've been in business, we have never received such a request.

The only legitimate way that we see to make us start collecting personal information, is if there is a valid warrant or court order, obliging us to do so in relation to a specific user because that person is suspected to have committed a crime which is serious enough to warrant such a restriction of privacy.

Given the strong protection of the right to privacy in Europe, European governments cannot just start forcing service providers like us to implement a blanket spying program on their users. If that ever changed, we would fight this to the end."

I signed up for the beta LONG

I signed up for the beta LONG ago, guaranteed to get an invite, but nothing yet. I'm anxious to try it! If it meets my expectations, I will definitely pay for it.


In the questionaire during the sign up for the beta, I seem to remember something about if I "would pay for the service," then I just read that Startmail is going to have a pricing structure. I remember selecting "no" to paying for the service. So that might be why I haven't received a beta invite code, you as well.

I know I didn't select no. If

I know I didn't select no. If I recall, I do believe they had a price range, and I think I selected something like $40/year.

Whenever you get a beta invite and if you like it, I would say you should weigh your options. As long as it's affordable obviously.

People do need to realize that a company who offers an email service for free, and their service is completely secure and anonymous, can only generate revenue to run the service through subscriptions. Gmail and others can offer their email services for free, because they make advertising revenue off your online metadata. StartMail doesn't create metadata from you, so they have to pay for their servers somehow.


In other words: your e-m@ils r s@fe from the Gest@po so long @s you don't use them to bre@k the l@w by protecting the Juden.

I have my beta account,

I have my beta account, finally, this is the first day!
I signed up as a beta tester last year. I get to use this account for free for 90 days.It has cool personalized encryption, and you can make aliases, temporary random, and customized ones. It loads way faster than yahoo.

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You'll have to pay for this

You'll have to pay for this service. PGP is free for those who want to go through a very small learning curve to use it.

Everybody has their own value

Everybody has their own value for PGP. And everybody will pay something -- not necessarily money -- in exchange for online services.

Regarding e-mail services:

For those that have the time and technical prowess, like you said, the benefits of StartMail can be achieved through no money cost. It does cost you whatever time you must devote.

StartMail is valuable to me and worth the money price, because I do not place a value on learning the technicalities of PGP, I'm trying to put more of my time in other areas I value more. So a service like StartMail, I have no problem paying for and they can take care of that stuff.

Gmail is valuable to those who want a free service AND have no personal value for PGP. They must have no value for PGP, because that is how they pay for the service. It may be "free" price-wise, but it costs them private information given to Google.

Well said.

Opportunity cost. If I make $xx per hour freelancing, and this will cost me 10-20 hours to learn, I am better off paying $10-20 per month for zz years before I recoup value of that time.

Sign up

I signed up but have not received my invite yet.


How does one acquire an invite code?

Here you go. that was the

Here you go. that was the wrong link, that is only for those of us who already signed up to be beta testers, and finally received our invites.
All those spots are taken.

Use this link if you did not sign up to be a beta tester: https://beta.startmail.com/

They will send you an invite code someday, if you sign up. Be patient, I signed up over 6 months ago, and they did not send me my code until today.

Katherine Albrecht said that the Snowden mess convinced them they needed to make it even more secure, hence the delay.

Thanks Jackson!

Thanks Jackson!

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I'm trying to find out too