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Cambodia: Homemade Bamboo Trains

Cambodia has one rail line. It is not well built, not maintained, and generally unsafe. For that reason, Cambodia no longer operates heavy trains. The people, however, have created an inexpensive and lightweight system to travel safely on the rails. These bamboo trains are pushed by small gasoline engines, and roll on two axles. They can be removed from the railroad or assembled in about a minute flat.


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Pssh. Don't even have a TSA,

Is that pinoy in the background at 5:34?

totally cool

totally cool

that was kewl enjoyed it.

that was kewl enjoyed it.

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It's easy

to get sucked into the idea that we're all so different, but we aren't. Some of us suck, but most of us don't. These are my friends speaking a different language, these are my people.

How man OSHA and DOT

How man OSHA and DOT violations was that? Where are the bureaucrats to shut him down?


enjoyed the trip.

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Me too

I want one around my ranch!

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It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

thats cool

thats cool

Heh. Used to do something pretty much the same

Up in Northern Maine there's miles of abandoned tracks and somebody constructed something about like that, powerered it with a Honda CB750 engine....slighly higher powered unit and the platform on top had a couch and a coffee table and space for coolers. Nobody else on the tracks so it was just kinda let it fly along at 50mph. Faster if you really wanted which I never ever did.

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talk about POTENTIAL... as a tourist I'd PAY $$$ to glide through the forest w/ a cappucino! :)