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Man’s medical condition leads to indefinite detention, forced medication

Horribly sad situation...

ANCHORAGE, AK — (EXCLUSIVE) — A young man’s deteriorating health led the state of Alaska to assume full control of his medical care — against his own written will and the against the wishes of his family. Since last October he has been trapped in a hospital, isolated without visitors, on an extensive series of psychotropic drugs, in a condition that continues to diminish.


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What happened sucks

but they sound like a family of idiots.

If I start taking pills and I can't sleep, I stop taking the friggin' pills.

If I go to a place and eat and it makes me sh!T in my pants, I don't go back and get more and start puking all over the place and then scratch by bone head and say "hmmm, wonder what did that". Damned morons!

I couldn't read it all because it is stupid.

He is stupid for putting his faith in the medical establishment in the first place and his family is stupid for not taking the necessary actions against those who have imprisoned him.

They are afraid for their lives and as long as it is "him" and not them they will learn to live with it. And the medical establishment wins again.

Seriously. Just think about it for a moment. Someone takes your son imprisons him, tortures him and experiments on him and what do you do?

"Oh well, "they" say he has to stay so we will sheepishly comply while they kill our son."

It is sad that we live in a nation of brainwashed pussies.

Big talk tough guy. From

Big talk tough guy. From your nonsense, I take it that you don't ever go to a doctor or hospital? You can do everything for yourself; you don't need a specialist for anything do you?

The problem is that if they wanted to take their son out of there, they would have to contend with the Security, the Doctors and Nurses and communications, especially since their son is on the 5th floor. If they didn't have a decently trained and armed group which could get in and out while carrying the 27 year old -since he is incapacitated due to the medication- then they would fail, and it would only strengthen the story presented by the hospital and the state.

While the family doesn't seem to be able to physically go in and get him, I don't happen to see anybody willing to be paid to go in and get him out either. Also, with a large portion of the supposed illegal activity through craigslist and such being just police sting operations, how would the family even go about finding a group of people even capable of doing that kind of job, which they could trust would be police trying to through them in jail?

Saw this on PoliceStateUSA - bump for Bret Bohn

- had somehow missed it on DP.

Anyway, this is a horrific situation that is still not resolved -
and from looking around on that site there is stuff like this
going on in all too many places.

One thing I was wondering was if Sarah Palin was doing
anything to try to support the Bret and his parents (they
are from Wassila, too).

And I was thinking Alaska was some kind of bastion of freedom...


Since when is a 26/27 yo a minor?

May this be a lesson to us all - if prescribed any drug look up the side affects first. I was once given something for a really bad sore throat - this was in the days before the internet, early 90s. I never liked pill taking anyway, so when I did I stayed on guard watching how my body reacted. I only took half a pill and soon felt as if my insides were being ripped apart. I never took anymore of that crap and my throat cleared up anyway. I never went back to any doctor, either thinking I'd only be prescribed something equally horrific. Such a shame he wasn't aware enough to make the relationship between the pill and insomnia.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
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There is actually a law against this.

the repudiators are criminals.

Thomas szaz

Free includes debt-free!