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Davi Barker Detained by TSA over Bitcoin

Davi Barker, from Bitcoin Not Bombs, and the owner of ShinyBadges.com was recently detained by the TSA over Bitcoin, upon returning from the New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

He was further detained by suited agents who demanded to know if he was or planned on traveling internationally, because they "saw" Bitcoin.

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Saw bitcoin? As in they saw a random string of numbers and

letters on a piece of paper?

I created one of those myself as a way of demonstrating what bitcoin was to a friend.

Perhaps a way to resist this would be for people to write down random number/letter strings on paper strips like so many cookie fortunes and carry them onto flights and elsewhere...

"Home is where it's hardest."



I just interviewed Davi 3 weeks ago. Great guy

so now tsa is stopping

so now tsa is stopping passengers because of other business not related to flying???
this is fucked up

yep, the governmet is scarred

that you take your money, change it to bitcoins and leave the country....
They allow you to leave the country...but not with more than 10,000$

well, that shows you that they think that your money belongs to them.
they will excuse these actions by saying: "we are preventing money laundering"

wow, that's crazy

they are definitely scared of bitcoin, as they should be ;)

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