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Have you heard of "swatting"?

"'Swatting,' or making false 911 calls that trigger heavy response by police, is a growing concern and is becoming more common in other areas outside of Los Angeles, a popular target of prank SWAT calls.

‘Swatters’ are able to use technology that makes the incoming 911 call look like it’s coming from the home of the victim, and is often done through a system that turns typed messages into voice messages.

Last Tuesday in Carmel, Ind., Hannah Chiasson, her father, and her friend suddenly found their home surrounded by SWAT members and were promptly removed from their home and arrested, because they were victims of a false 911 call, according to The Indy Star.

Another ‘swatting’ incident occurred just days earlier in another Indiana town, according to the report, in which an hours-long standoff took place because the family didn’t trust that the SWAT unit or the dispatchers were really police."

(What about those that don't trust the police - period?)


This is not going to end well for either parties.

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With this being a known

With this being a known issue, would it be too much for swat officers to simply establish contact with the people inside the home once they are at the scene?

A simple phone call could go a long way to avoid potential deaths as a result. Especially after the 911 call is from the perpetrator. There's really no 'surprise' advantage when responding to a call from the perpetrator as they know swat is on the way.

Arrive on scene then establish contact. When the people inside act like the swat team is crazy that might be the first indication that the 911 call was a "swatting" call.


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Maybe it's a Hack

What if people 'swatted' to expose a problem with police response, thereby creating fallout with innocent victims and influencing change in swat team response and procedures.

Swat teams might be less gung-ho if they have experience with false targets.

That would be twisted to do, yet probably a quicker change than simple appeals for change.

I'm all for good-natured pranks

and humorous acts of revenge, but this is sick. I won't call the cops for myself, and I wouldn't call them on my worst enemy. Terror, property damage, injury and death occur too often where police are involved.

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I agree

That's what the Redcoats did.

Someone snitched and they came a runnin'

Evidence from a snitch won't get a warrant. These cops are acting illegally and should be hung for treason.

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Hung for treason???

I think you misunderstood what happened. These cops did nothing wrong. They responded to a 911 call that they thought came from a home in their jurisdiction. What, do you expect them to ignore a call like this? These cops did not know it was a hoax. This is obviously a problem police departments must now be aware of... but blaming these cops for responding to a call???

Yes hug for treason or pilloried. This is crazy.

Last Tuesday in Carmel, Ind., Hannah Chiasson, her father, and her friend suddenly found their home surrounded by SWAT members.

SWAT members for a 911 call?

Free includes debt-free!

It wasn't an

"I think I smell smoke" call. One was an "I have five hostages at my house at this moment. I have two AR-52s, AK-47s and C-4 (explosives) all around my house" call.

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Anonymous tip trumps due process ?

Did the brain dead cops try calling the address?

Free includes debt-free!

That gets to the heart

of why this is such a disturbing development. It might not be a situation where you'd want to alert that the house is in the process of being surrounded. Yes, an anonymous tip, due to its nature of causing the police to think there is a crime in progress in the house and victims in danger, trumps procedures that would take longer or alert the perp. It can be abused in many ways. No one's saying this is just fine how it went down. It's disturbing and can be abused.

Will it make you feel better if I say the police could abuse this, too?

Defend Liberty!

If I weren't in a foul mood, yes it might help.


Free includes debt-free!

Swatting is kinda old news.

Swatting is kinda old news. Been done a few times now and to famous people. Doesnt mean its any less relative.

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It would seem difficult to do this since the outbound calling system requires more than basic phone service features to change the caller ID#. I expect they are using either an advanced ISDN PBX to override the caller ID number for the call to the police. But now with IP services more available it seems that they may be able to configure those services to change the E911 Caller ID#. All that trouble to make a prank call seems pretty absurd though.

Either way this is a serious crime because it puts the lives in jeopardy of those that actually own the number.