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Lew Rockwell has questions/statements for Ron Paul to ask in tommorrow's debate

Excellent questions/statements for Ron Paul to ask tomorrow at the FOUR MAN debate.

I swear, if he asks another complicated question of McCain that the american people can't relate to or understand, we're toast.

When is he going to wake up to the fact most americans are unfortunately not intellectuals with four year+ college degrees?

Dumb it down. Dumb it down. Dumb it down!

Here are the questions:


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Here is what I would ask

Mitt Romney and John McCain..........Since both of you support this war.....Mitt you're on record saying we need 100,000 more personel in the military......you've got six healthy young sons by the way......and you John McCain........you don't mind if the United States military is there for anothr 100 years.........Can BOTH of you give me the names of 10 ENLISTED soldiers that have lost their lives in this current war in IRAQ?


Going after lives lost is a democrat idea

Lives lost is a Democrat argument

Ron Paul, although he's obviously against the wasted lost of lives (Iraqi and american), is mostly against the war because :

1.) War was not declared by congress but by UN

2.) Financially draining us

3.) Blowback in growing Al Queda's recruitment

In one of the earlier debates

that most anyone that follow Ron Paul knows about. It's the Huckabee/Paul discussion.........where Paul says.........How many more lives are we gonna lose? We are there just to save face.....I don't think Ron Paul's a democrat.