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Reddit asks how and when does a recession start. no answers yet.

Looks like the floor is yours if anyone cares to explain recessions to the lay person


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Recession: When most people

Recession: When most people are talking about how tough things are financially.

Depression: When many of those people are asking if they can move in with you.


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SHTF: When everybody can potentially storm in

SHTF: When everybody can potentially storm in, to (try to) kick you out and pillage your property.

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Paraphrasing Reagan...

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when You lose your job. Recovery is when Obama loses his.

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Thought it would be a breeze but there is alot that i missed.

Anyone want to critique?


Still waiting on someone to critique my post

Only because I want to know if there is anything I need to edit.


Two successive quarters of a fall in GDP.

That is the official definition of a recession. On that basis the US has been in recession since 2000 with one year of growth in 2004, according to Shadow Stats:


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A recession occurs after participants in an economic system

withdraw support for the system after losing faith in the future, which causes further erosion in faith...

whereas 'booms' occur when excess credit and capital cause an excess of faith in the future, leading to a correction called a 'recession'.

Or something like that. I know it's something like that.

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