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HELP: Looking for link to article about RP's "Plan to Restore America"

I recall in the run up to the GOP 2012 election that when Ron Paul released his Plan to Restore America, one of the major media sites/newspapers put out an article saying that Ron Paul's plan or perhaps just his taxation plan would create an economic boom. Does anyone else remember that? Something like the greatest boom in 25 years??? I REALLY need to find that article. Can someone please help. Thanks.

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Thanks. Close but not quite.

I recall is was a major player. The Economist perhaps? Unlikely. Surely there must be a lot of people who remember this article?

Here is a link:


There are probably others. Just do a search on any search engine.

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Thanks, but I'm not after the Plan itself.

I'm looking for the article where they say that putting that plan into effect would be massive for the American economy. I'm beginning to suspect that it's be removed from theinterwebs.

Try las vegas sun

or the other paper there. I believe it was in Nevada where he released it.