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Michigan C4L seeks some help

Hey DPer's,

Michigan C4L is participating with about 60+ Michigan TEA parties and 2 gun groups in a grassroots event called the PowWow.

This event now three years running, brings individuals from all conservatives and libertarian backgrounds together under one roof to discuss our issues, present solutions and to network in a cohesive yet independent group of statewide activists.

We have made great strides working together to be stronger with not only our state issues, but inside the state GOP as well.

This year, we will have national and local speakers, breakout sessions, and an evening before reception that Michigan C4L is hosting.

Since we are not funded by the Koch brothers, we could use some help for the cost of the room, food and drinks that we will offer 400+ that we anticipate. This event has grown each year.

I've set up a Go Fund Me>>> http://www.gofundme.com/73ornc?pc=fb_cr

Any little help would be greatly appreciated to make this event a huge success.

Our guest speaker for Friday night will be Dudley Brown from National Association for Gun Rights.

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A worthy cause if I may

A worthy cause if I may say.

I went last year, it was well put together. It was also jam packed full of people.

It helps spread the message, and the unknowningly 'establishment' types that show up end up leaving more libertarian than when they went in.

Also, the speakers they had were motivating and educated on how to get real change accomplished.

A great investment for anyone with some loose change.

And if you are in Michigan, you should show up to rub elbows with some of the most influential hard working liberty activists in the state. It's always fun to exchange war-stories.