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Colorado Girl Scouts told not to sell cookies outside pot shops

Want some Girl Scout cookies to go along with your legal weed in Colorado? You'll have to plan ahead.

Girl Scouts of Colorado officials are defending the organization's decision to effectively bar its members from selling cookies outside the state's marijuana dispensaries.

Last week, Danielle Lei, a 13-year-old Girl Scout, sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies outside San Francisco's Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary in just two hours.


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117 boxes, hahaha Darn, if it

117 boxes, hahaha
Darn, if it was legal here, I would stand and sell food out front during the weekend for some pocket change haha.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


She sold about 60 boxes of cookies per hour. What a riot. There's a girl with a good financial future ahead of her!

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~ John Muir

I wonder if they allow

I wonder if they allow cookies to be sold outside of liquor stores?

In any case, the Girl Scouts is a private organization and it is up to them what moral standards they set. It would be a much different issue if it was the government telling the girl she could not sell cookies there.



Brilliant girl! A great marketing scheme, and a great life lesson. She will go far in life, but the first lesson in the American free market is; the government will seemingly do anything and everything in it's power to put you out of business. The government here being the 'officials' at the Girl Scouts of America. (sad):(

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Savvy and not so Savvy

It would have been more savvy to avoid the press and just get the job done.

In the video, there appeared to be a security guard within 3 paces of the girl. It also appears that the mother kept her child blind to what the facility was and it's associated controversies.

Now this little girl has the experience of doing something innovative and successful only to be prevented from doing so.

The news station gets a juicy story.
The girl looses her opportunity.

So, she is getting a good education.

Maybe they won't make the same mistake in the future.