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Are you angry?

Here you are, sitting at your computer, taking a break from something else to see what the people you identify with have to say. You are worried that Ron Paul might not win, but you really want him to.

You have probably donated some money and have contributed, but is that enough. You have attended one or two meetups, but is that all you can do?

Can you do more? I know I need to. This is our last chance.

You now know that the country is sinking. What you have learned or already know is happening before your eyes. If you live in a major city, then your schools are overcrowded and failing your children. You have heard about Headstart and No Child Left Behind, but our jobs going to the Chinese.

Our country is feeding a Communist country in China, but our media has taken the Communist off of the name to describe this country. They have many weapons and we are strengthening their economy, while weakening ours.

We are fighting a war on terror, but leaving the back door open. We are doing nothing about the borders and two pro-open border Democrats are leading and so is pro-amnesty McCain. Is our security really our major concern.

More people have flooded this country, and if they will be getting rebate checks from money printed out of thin air.

Our wealth is being transferred from the middle class to the rich, from the United States to China, and yet people are still paralyzed.

So, you get angry and come on this site to check out what is going on. You are hoping for good news.

Here is the scoop. If enough of us do not make a stand and a push, we will continue to sink. 4-8 years of Clinton or McCain will allow the global elite to continue their plan. Our currency will sink, our leaders will meet with Canada and Mexico, we will be in an even bigger recession, and the masses will ask for anything to cure their problems.

The worse off we get, the more willing many will be to try anything. If our currency sinks, it makes it easier to convert to an Amero.

We could end up in another war in Iran. Iraq will continue. Small businesses will hurt.

I am doing everything I can to wake people up that I know. They need to know what is coming. We all need to get out of our comfortable zones, and do something that takes sacrifice. Campaign, become a delegate, host a Ron Paul viewing party, donate more,

We are so lucky to have a candidate like Ron Paul. What if he were not even running? Come on people. Let's make things happen. Use your anger to fuel this Revolution.

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For anyone feeling discouraged by all of this...

here's something that you might need to be reminded of... or to consider... from embassyofheaven.com

Heaven's Citizens Remain Separate

Our citizenship is in heaven; from whence we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.15 Philippians 3:20

Every Christian's citizenship is in heaven. The Authorized Version is, "Our conversation is in heaven"; but that word "conversation" does not mean simply our words and the conversation which we have one with another in talking about neighborly affairs, but our manner of life, our course of conduct, our walk, is in heaven.

Now as our citizenship, the citizenship of every Christian, is in heaven, what has any citizen of heaven or of the heavenly government rightly to do with the political or governmental affairs of any other government or any other kingdom? In fact, what has a citizen of any government rightly to do with the political concerns or management of any other government?

We read about people who profess to be citizens of the heavenly kingdom, but they are constantly involving themselves in the political workings of the governments of this earth. They profess to have a citizenship in heaven, and yet they manipulate the affairs of the kingdoms of earth! They profess to be citizens of the kingdom of God, yet they propose to regulate the affairs of the governments of men. But that is a thing that never can rightly be done.

If a citizen of Great Britain should come into the United States, still retaining his citizenship in the government of Great Britain, and should take part, or attempt to take part, in the political affairs of this government, his action in that respect would be resented by every citizen of the United States. It matters not with what party he might wish to ally himself and work; they would not have it. They would say to him: That is none of your business; you do not belong here. You are a citizen of another government. If the laws of this country do not suit you, that has nothing to do with the case. The political systems of this country suit us. If things do not suit you, just let them alone, or else change your citizenship from the government to which you belong, and bring your citizenship here. Then begin to discuss the laws and how they should be made, and what they should be.

You know that is so. You know that is the way a citizen of another country would be treated by all the citizens of the United States, if he should undertake to manipulate, to control, or have any part in the political concerns of this country. That is not denying his right to live here; he may do that. But all do deny his right, and his very citizenship in another country, denies his right to have anything to do with the citizenship of the United States, or her political affairs.

As the Christian's citizenship is in heaven, the very principle of it, prohibits him from taking part in any of the political concerns of any other government, even though it be the government of the United States. And that is so; it exists in the very nature of the case. It lies in the very principle of citizenship itself."

I'm sorry, were you saying something?

How does this help get Dr. Paul elected?

Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Move past your anger.

Move past your anger. Transform it. THEN use it to fuel the movement.

It is the only way to win this type of thing. It is the only fuel that will adequately sustain us.



We must all continue to work together regardless of the outcome of this election. That being said, attack it like ti is the final chance. But do not give up hope regardless of the outcome. You with me?


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity