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Carl Miller CONSTITUTIONAL youtube videos

If you haven't come across Carl Miller on YouTube, I highly recommend checking him out. He has real world experience in courtrooms as a non-lawyer figure and has successfully argued cases using judgements of monumental cases from the past. He details these monumental cases, and tells you how to use them.

There is nobody on youtube who can describe how to use the constitution to your advantage more than him. Please check out these old funky videos as I think they could help everyone here.

There are 3 videos in his series, each about 2 hours long. The last video has something related to monetary policy and the federal reserve around the 15 minute mark.

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Totally off subject, sorry, but the post made me think of this..


Bruce's last movie, with most of the fight scenes filmed before his death, and completed with a lookalike. Still a great one. "You lose Carl Miller." LOL. No offense intended.

I wish I could bump this 1000 times!

I'm listening to Carl now. I've had 6-hours of his material on my computer for like three years now from someone I met at a course by Dave Champion, and just got around to listening now. GREAT stuff - need to get this on the homepage!!!