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"Knicks guard Raymond Felton arrested on gun charges" ... (Where is the crime?)

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Its a constitutional right to own a gun.

These bogus laws the pervert and subvert the constitution are BS.


I remember when Plaxico Burress was rail-roaded by Bloomberg

And had to serve 2 years in prison (longer than Mike Vick) for accidentally shooting himself in the leg. His pistol was registered in FL, but obviously "illegal" under the unconstitutional dictatorial mandate in NYC under Bloomberg.

Cost us a repeat SB Championship. We were 12-1 as defending champs until that incident. Then bounced in the 2nd round, we were 1&done, because we had a first round bye. Burress was our unstoppable red-zone/deep threat. W/out him Eli had no 'go-to-guy'.

Burress should have received a slap on the wrist or probation at worst for a first-time offender, no record, no victim (other than himself). Instead Bloomberg held a press conference and had Burress absolutely rail-roaded to set an example.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I know just awful. I feel

I know, just awful. I feel like tweeting Raymond and letting him know about the constitution. Let him know he has rights, you know?

I'm a Hugh Knicks fan! And I

I'm a Hugh Knicks fan! And I can't stand Raymond as a player, but when I woke up today and heard about this, it really made me mad. All over the radio their saying why didn't he have it registered! Why didn't he hire personal security? It's makes me sick! These radio personalities don't even know their rights! This one guy said don't call up this show talking to me about politics! But tell me why he didnt register the gun in the city of New York? I just started laughing. I just wish I can make them understand somehow, that permits, registrations, licenses, are all Things government uses to put people in boxes and control them! It's so unconstitutional.

He aimed the loaded weapon

@ his girlfriend. Other than that I have no problem.

I am fairly sure that

part of the original "story" is incorrect. It has not been repeated in the media. Rather, Felton's wife turned the gun over to the local police.


Hear say!

Hear say!

That seems to be missing from the story

A source would be appreciated.