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Obama just ordered a FULL withdrawal of ALL troops from Afghanistan

Obama orders Pentagon to prepare for full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

President speaks with Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai and says US is ‘moving forward with additional contingency planning

Barack Obama formally ordered the Pentagon on Tuesday to make plans for a full pullout of American troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, pointing to a way out of the conflict that is reminiscent of his end to the Iraq campaign.

While the Obama administration reiterated that it would prefer to maintain a residual military presence in Afghanistan, the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, has refused to sign an accord that would pave the way for some US forces to remain. That has forced the administration to begin a contingency plan for a full departure after Nato formally ends hostilities in November.


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Sometimes Yemen, Sometimes

Sometimes Yemen,
Sometimes Toulouse.

Southern Agrarian

Well jeez, we've only been there for 13 years...

Not like this has been the longest war in American history or anything.
Can't we stay a little bit longer, please?! Our troops really love it there!

Petition: Afghanistan for 51st State in the Union! Yay!


Seriously, it's about time!

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Old news

I thought Obama promised "to bring the troops home" while he was campaigning in 2007.

I remember he was going to do

I remember he was going to do it right after he closed GITMO...

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

You are absolutely right:


I'll never forget it.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Just another lie

from the Liar in Chief

Unfortunately, one

of many, Sir.


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Ridiculous. I don't buy it.

9:00AM: announce complete withdrawl of toops.
9:05AM: redeploy troops as peace keepers.
9:10AM: status quo assured.

If we actually pull out, Kabul will fall. Amid much bloodshed. Karzai knows this, everybody knows this. Either he has an exit strategy or he'll caputulate.

Puppet dictators have a very keen sense of self preservation.

South is the new way up! Major trend for 2014: Latin America. Start checking out South American investment, it's part of our future now.

This was always the deadline.

One reason the US invaded Afghanistan was the building of the TAPI pipeline from the Turkmenistan gas fields through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. The gas is owned by a company controlled by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

The deadline for completion of the pipeline is 2014. The primary concentration of NATO forces in Afghanistan has been along the route of the pipeline. I learned about this years ago and simply filed it away to see if it were true when the deadline came up. This has now happened so the story has been validated.

There may well be other items on the agenda such as control of the heroin industry but the pipeline I think seems to have been the main reason...and of course the Afghani Central Bank. There was no heroin industry under the Taliban and they had almost wiped out opium production.

NATO has apparently protected the revival of the opium growing and built factories to produce heroin...or so I have read. (Afghanistan is now the producer I believe of 90% of global opium supply.) One can never be absolutely certain about any of these stories so it is best to wait for confirmation, as has occurred in the case of the TAPI pipeline.

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-"The gas is owned by a company controlled by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad."

I have not heard this before. Can you please provide a link or source to this information?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

I did try to find it but was unsuccessful.

I read about this some years ago as I said and the source was reliable I believed, providing some confirming links at the time. I don't keep a library of links because there is so much going on and a lot of it is not of critical importance to me. I will make another effort because I would like to see it again myself. I am however very certain about what I read.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Transfer the troops from "War Zone"...

to USA for an all out "Martial Law" and "FEMA Camp Control".

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

We've heard this

We've heard this before.
They'll be quickly used for another invasion or occupation on US soil.
The MIC isn't so easily defeated.
Obama will pull the strings to get it done.

Southern Agrarian

OBomba's Wars

Venezuela Coup (Chavez, Maduro?)

And he didn't want to "exit" any of them.


Iran has been the only place where he has not adopted the full Neocon bloodbath Playbook.

...But that's where Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton come in.

Obama and Hillary are 'neo-cons'?

I can't stand Obama either but is there good evidence of his regime being behind the Ukraine situation?

And the 'neo-con' label just makes no sense. More accurately would to lump them all in as 'New World Order' or simply 'globalist' policies.

To be a 'neo-con' you actually have to pretend to be conservative.

And don't forget to put Yemen on that list.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Yes both are right-winger to the core

Yes, both Hillary and OBomba support the exact same oppressive Police-State, crackdown on civil-liberties, criminalization of whistleblowers, and the same treacherous Wars and War Crimes as the reich-wing PNAC Neocons that brought you 9/11, and human torture, and War without End.

They are also both "greed is good" Reagan-esque Corporatists who support the same exact right-wing policies that only enrich the top-1% and also kill off the "FDR-era" social safety net, and U.S. Manufacturing.

After all, it was OBomba who (unlike Bill Clinton in the 90s) never reversed the trickle-down Tax Code, but left it in place. OBomba also never closed the Tax loopholes for offshore corporations, or did anything that swing the pendulum back to where we were before Bush was installed as President. He even pushed to cut social security when the GOP was not ("chained-index" proposal), and appointed the "cat food" commission (made up of right-wing social security haters).

Instead the poverty gap between the rich and the poor have increased on his watch. And OBomba even publicized that Reagan was his favorite President (not FDR or LBJ or Kennedy or Carter). OBomba also even mocked the sentiments of Martin L. King, and agreed with Dick Cheney about enshrining Pre-emptive Wars as required U.S. Policy.

And Hillary Clinton is a devotee of the entire Bush Family, and will start a new War with Iran in her first month of office (if she is ever elected).

These clowns are not at all progressives or "liberals". They work for and support the top-1%, and their policies reflect the same right-wing think-tank mindset.



Karzai got what he wanted. Anyway,

even if it's really his idea that America now leave - that is, even if we're leaving by default vs. any sort of new thinking on foreign policy... I'm still glad to hear it. I'm sure our troops are glad to hear it, too.

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Kudos to Karzai for refusing to sign any document permitting foreign occupation

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Misleading headline

He wants to stay and is leaving options open.

karzai won't sign a security agreement, kinda the same way it happened in Iraq.


Maybe hes just buying time

Maybe hes just buying time

gotta figure out where to set up a new false war. The military industrial complex needs a few more bucks.

I am thinking they can make

I am thinking they can make plenty of money selling domestic products and services.