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CT is Starting to Threaten Gun Owners with Confiscation


If it happened in Connecticut, it is going to happen in all states.
We must stand with those in Ct who are being infringed upon.

New York State
New Jersey

A call to arms.

The Domestic Enemy is coming.

Forewarned is Forearmed.

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Start recall petitions

maybe that will get their attention. Remember Colorado?

Rally in CT April 5


WE need to all be at this rally in support of Connecticut.
We the People, need to be there and help out.

It would be an EXCELLENT time...

to announce a Class Action lawsuit HAS been filed.. takes only a few people & an attny..
get attendees at the rally to sign and join the suit.
DO something at the rally while you're 'freely assembling'.

Lawsuit was filed by ccdl - and was shot down

it will now go to next level.

Jurisdictional Question

The letter was issued from the STATE OF CONNECTICUT. Is it true that this is a federal district or corporation under the jurisdiction of Washington DC?

One of the options in the letter was to remove the weapon from the state. If people updated their domicile to Connecticut rather than the STATE OF CONNECTICUT or CT, wouldn't that be a "move" out of the state since Connecticut is a foreign jurisdiction?



= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

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If CT does what they want

Then them so-called cops will have no need for all their military...so,that should be destroyed
Plus,them so-called cops are not above anyone else,so they have no need for full arms,you know,if the people can't have them,then neither can they
Do them REPS (in name only have body guards? There is no need for that either.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

In most states lower reciever is the gun.

Why couldn't they turn in the lower receiver store the rest with someone and order a 80% lower that has no serial numbers.
Or just turn in and order in parts with 80% receiver and never consider registration.

Simple- you cant order and 80% lower

in CT.

And you cannot be in possession of one as well.

Here you go - see section 2


Also note - these are Criminal Jury Instructions - so that tells you were this is going.

The next step will be a very telling one - pay attention

That being said - I live in CT so can give some insight.
Our governor is in the pocket of Obama. Obama actually visited CT and did some fund raising for Malloy(our governor).
Malloy won the election in typical Chicago style. Bridgeport(very large welfare, dem community and the largest city in the state)some how ran out of ballots - sooo - of course they had to extend the polling hours. Naturally upon extending the polling hours Malloy took the lead and won.
He won by cleaning house in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport(three largest cities - HUGE welfare dem populations). He then sprinkled in your liberal Fairfield county(big, big money, all NY people).
So four population centers drive all of CT politics. But those four population centers do not come close to representing the state. If you look at our state - you see a big river going through it - well for the most part east of that river is on a completely different page than west of that river. Then, just to make sure other small towns were not able to really get a voice in the State - the state illegally redistricted small towns. My town happened to be one of them.
Our town was redistricted into the small city next door. The welfare population of this small city outnumbers our entire town. Effectively our town is now not represented. The issue of redistricting was brought up at a town meeting and the town decided they did not have the funds necessary to sue the state - oh well, now we are screwed.

It is important for people to understand this as it is the microcosm test run for the rest of the country.

Now back to the guns.
CT is not quite the liberal state it appears to be. If you want to join any gun club in the state - you will be on a two year waiting list - if you are lucky. You will literally have a couple hundred people ahead of you in line.
There are thousands of people who did not register - THOUSANDS.
The state now has a list of a few hundred that are instant felons.

The next move made people will tell the tale. Don't think people here are different than Texas or the south - we have just as many red neck, down home, gun carrying people(and militias) as the rest of the country. If they arrest these people or raid their homes the response here will echo the response in any part of the country.

If the response is a bunch of BS talk - then expect more of this to come - and to a neighborhood near you.

I do not have a crystal ball and will not speculate the next move or the response. I would implore everyone to pay very close attention though. I am sure if there is a response by the state - it will be done as quietly as possible as to hopefully go unnoticed.

Telling times are ahead people. Do not for one second think because you are in Texas or anywhere else that this will not affect you. This is the test run.

Hal you my friend

are 100% correct.

I moved to upstate NY with my girl 3 years ago, but want to come back. I'm currently working in the NY Legislative and its a mess here as well, but at least the senate has a majority control of republicans. In CT the Assembly, Senate, and Governor are all Democrats.

That being said CT can be fixed, but it has to go further downhill before Republicans can gain control again. If they can win any of the 2 houses they can work on re-districting again. However, the cities all over CT from New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury, and Torrington are all such huge welfare cities. If you go to Puerto Rico, there are literally signs there directing people to go to Meriden and Waterbury for all the "free welfare". It's bad, and these cities get ranked the highest every year in crime per capita for cities.

Another colleague of mine up in Albany I happened to meet is also from CT, he moved for similar reasons, but would come back like me once the storm weathers way.

As for the gun debate I think your spot on as well. CT is the 3rd most state with the most gun owners per capita. This is absolutely a "trial run", with Fed. involvement not surprising. There are thousands of gun owners, I know many of them, and there will absolutely be mass disobedience to any threats from the state regarding confiscation and imprisonment. This is so highly unconstitutional, I don't know how there isn't any civil suits filed yet, but it is scary and interesting to see how things are going to pan out.

Best to all of you keeping up the fight in CT, all my family and friends are still here. I'd love for there to be some hope for salvation amongst this state thats still my home, I guess time will tell.

You have a fools hope if you are looking for it to get better

here - LOLLLLL.
As for me- soon as kids out of school - I am gone.
The only way to take it back it to look very long term - get some savvy young kids to register as Dems - then wait 5-10 years for them to get elected and just pretend to be democrats - you know - like most the Republicans in Washington are doing- pretending to be Repubs but acting like dems.

Latest article I read - being on welfare in CT is equal to 40,000.00 per year.

And you wonder why they flock here??
CT is also one of the states(pushed heavily by New Haven) to want to give drivers licenses to illegals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeh - figure out how that is supposed to work.

It's insane.

Dont come back - you will regret it!!

I live in CT too

And you could not be more spot on.

I grew up in Fairfield county and now live east of the river. THOUSANDS are refusing to register...I hope they stick to their guns (sorry couldn't resist).

This truley disgusts me. I was in a republican town committee shortly after this absurd gun law was passed. One of our district congressman was at the meeting saying, " you don't understand. There were parents handing out flyers of their dead children, asking us to pass it. We had to do something." He got lambasted. However, these folks will still be voting for him.

One of the reasons I gave up going.

Can't wait to move to colorado!

Colorado has its problems too....

"Nine Colorado public highways being sold to foreign toll road firms over the next 12 months starting with US 36. I-70 in downtown Denver/mountains, C-470 and I-25 from Denver to Ft. Collins are all being privatized and tolled.
Round trip from Denver to Boulder will cost $28 in the express lane during rush hour. Toll cost is indexed to inflation and will rise much higher over the next half century.
The amount of profit Goldman Sachs and Plenary will make from US 36 is a CDOT secret that is being kept from the Colorado taxpayers and elected officials.
The expensive toll lane addition will mean highly congested free lanes. It will become illegal for the state of Colorado to add additional free lanes to US 36 (Boulder/Denver Turnpike) without compensating the toll operator for 50 years of decreased toll revenue.
Colorado elected officials are not being allowed to review the secret 50 year contract terms before the state privatization board, the HPTE, signs the contract."

And the citizens who voiced objection were thrown out of the meeting.....

DENVER - "As the High Performance Transportation Enterprise Board unanimously agreed Wednesday to move forward with the U.S. Highway 36 public private partnership, those against the measure voiced their concerns and were pulled out of the meeting as a result. One-by-one troopers physically removed people, even though the individuals were not being confrontational."


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Reading about this "highway robbery", an old quote comes to mind

"Never attempt to extort more money than it would cost to have you killed."

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

Look into incorporation

The city of Baton Rouge, LA is fighting tooth and nail to stop the Southeastern part of the parish from incorporating and starting their own city called St. George. The majority of tax dollars are collected from this area and are spent in the city. Take away their money and hopefully you can take away their power. They actually have a group funded by Soros acting as the lead in opposition called Stronger together or Together Baton Rouge, something like that.

"Look into incorporation" please.

I looked into the word and it is basically Latin. and means to give life to something that does not exist.



Having grown up in Winsted until 19 and having lived in Coventry for 3 years, I can absolutely attest to your claim that CT is NOT the liberal state the mass centers of population sway it to be.

Like me, there are a lot of redneck conservatives there.

The Revolution Continues..

Having lived most of my life outside of New Haven...

...and all of 2012 in Milford (before hurricane Sandy forced me to move in with family in S. Carolina) I can attest that everything you said is 100% accurate.

In fact, you absolutely nailed the political situation in CT.

The welfare dems in the cities, NH, Bpt. and Hartford are starkly contrasted by the farm towns and suburbs that are mostly conservative.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Couldn't agree more... it's a test run

Thanks for your lengthy input.
I guess(?) there's probably no chance to assemble recall signatures over this? Too many welfare voters? your thoughts?

Have you seen this ,,,



We have been saying that for a year now.

New York State Resistance - Join Your Local Militia
Do NOT Register YOUR Guns

We will be in Connecticut for April. I suggest who can make it get there.

We will be vending...


If need be, call on 716.407.0515
or my cell 585.410.3329

We are going to get shirts made up, same as the NYS and PA Militia shirt, for as many "Commie" states as we can.

Let us know. We like hearing from all.


Your Sister in Liberty,

Where will you be vending?

Where will you be vending?

simple short term solution.

simple short term solution. "I moved the gun out of state"...thatll work but its not the ideal situation.

We'll just need to verify that sir....

...we'll be sending team of investigators to toss your abode and be sure that you've complied. "But, I don't consent to any searches".

An hour later:

Bang....Crash....Get on the floor....Get on the floor....hands behind your head. Who else is in the house?...clear....clear.....clear...etc...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

possible...but if you have no

possible...but if you have no warrant and you break into my house, well to quote Malcolm x "I have a rifle, if anybody comes in my house..without a good reason, i intend to try and use it".

saw a story where corrupt court,

saw a story where corrupt court ruled warrant no longer needed.

Ron Paul 2016

Forget Using a Rifle

..either a handgun, or shotgun in your house.

If you shoot someone OUTside your home....deep doodoo....UNLESS it's a WORL situation.
And INside that long barrel just kinda gets in the way, don't it?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Isn't this a bit odd?

Since when does the US mail deliver on January 1????

If the reply was dated the 2nd, it means that the applications were received either the same day...or prior to the 2nd. How is it possible that the applications weren't post marked prior to Jan, 1, 2014?

Sounds like the CT gun-grabbing teams have their first "test" subjects. Of course they'll show up with a no-knock warrant and a bunch of black clad donut munchers with assault weapons...

eyes roll

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

The compliance numbers are miniscule. CT SAYS MOLON LABE!

I know some people in CT. They know this law. And to a man and a WOMAN (real kind) the answer is SCREWETH YOUETH.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.