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Why should Huckabee quit now?

His supporters are donating more money than Ron Paul supporters are.......with the exception of the MLK money bomb....Huck's supporters are now giving him more daily donations almost every single day more than we are giving to Ron Paul. Money talks.....BS walks. Hope everyone has comfortable shoes......

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He shouldnt

There were 11, now there are 4. There are 6 other campaigns (maybe 10 others) that wish they were us. As long as Huck stays in he takes away support from both McCain and Romney, and to a lesser degree, us. If both McCain and Romney keep winning with 30something % totals the bickering continues, no clear leader emerges, and it helps us. There would be advantages to Huck quiting but I think it's better for us if he stays in for now. I'm just suprised that it's only January and the field is already down to 4. wow

As long as his people keep

As long as his people keep grinding the other camps down, while we gather, educate, and prepare, maybe he shouldn't quit?

As strange as it sounds, The Huckster has made a nice "firewall".

I'm guessing he'll be "useful" in tonights debate.

He brokered a deal with McCain to kill Romney

I heard it on one of the news channels. They said the plan is for Huck to be VP because McCain will need the Evangelical vote in November.

Right now the deal is to steal votes from Romney - that Huck will go into debt to do it and McCain will pay off his debts.

I'm serious, that's what they said.

I think it was MSNBC, but I was back and forth between all 3, so I can't be sure.

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat pork!

I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

no surprise...we are all smelling that rat now

they're gonna stop that Mormon boy. I don't care for that slickster Rummy, but I also very much dislike how they've used HIS religion to batter him. That's why Hackster and his organization are despicable slime. All under the party that supposedly is dedicated to small government and personal freedom....like freedom of religion. Yet Hackster's organization tries to stir up negative emotions and prejudice.

At least I can vote for Ron Paul knowing that I am supporting a real human being.

I agree, he has no reason to quit the race

however, he hasn't had any momentum since Iowa. He has convinced the evangelicals he is one of them and that's his base, period. No other demographic is interested in him. Can he win another state? Maybe something in the south, that's it. He's looking for a political appointment or VP spot and wants to have his speech at the convention.

If we can grab the minimum required to get RP into a convention nomination, and hence, a speech to the convention, that's big. They will probably do all they can to dismiss him, schedule him at some ungodly hour with no coverage. It will be the perfect stage setting for the 3rd party run.

By November of 2008, the US economy and financial house could be in total disarray and Ron Paul could be a very interesting choice to the American voter versus tweedle-di and tweedle-dum.

Imagine how America, by that time, will have come to detest both John McCain and Hillary Clinton.


You maxed out?


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity





If true, you can talk.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

not at the max yet...

just keep doling it out as I get it. Been spreading money to local newspaper ad campaigns as well.

I do have a feeling that many are holding back because we are not "winning". But it's not over till it's over.

Same here...

Maxed out back in October 07... (and NO, it was NOT easy to do).

So it's VERY frustrating to me when people hold back on their $20, $50, and $100. I can't do anything more for the official campaign... everything else I can do has to be done either in providing resources to others, or my own work locally with my meetups and precincts.

Come on people... Donate...

Then go get some CommonSense 2.0

Good question Kemp.


Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!