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Lee Bright For U.S. Senate-SC,2014 $25for25 Money Bomb - Ends Tonight! Just Donated $50! Hope You Can Too!

Donate to LEE BRIGHT for U.S. Senate-SC HERE:

This is the candidate to replace RINO Lindsey Graham!

Graham has supported Obama's gun control schemes, war mongering, and the destruction of the constitution.
He is famous for saying "When they (American citizens) ask for a lawyer, you tell them to 'Shut Up!'.

Lee Bright is the number one republican challenger to L.Graham's Senate seat in the Senatorial Election later this year 2014!

Bright is a Rand Paul/Jim Demint type constitutional conservative. He believes in limited government in the same way that Ron Paul does. He has a record as State Senator-SC, for being a small government constitutional conservative. He will be an ally in the U.S. Senate, like Rand Paul is!

This is huge!

To get rid of an enemy of Liberty and the Constitution in Lindsey Graham and put in an ally to Liberty and the Constitution such as Lee Bright, is a double-whammy!

Please, liberty-lovers, this race for U.S. Senate effects ALL Americans!
U.S. Senators pass laws and decide U.S. policies that effect us all! Not just South Carolinians!
Lindsey Graham has helped both Bush and Obama regimes destroy Liberty and the Constitution for all of us!

Lee Bright CAN and WILL defeat Lindsey Graham, and help to begin the restoration of our Constitutional Republic, but he NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!
America needs your support!

Thank You fellow patriots for all you are doing and all you have done!
Hopefully you can contribute to Lee's defeat of enemy Lindsey Graham asap!
Your support in this fight for Liberty is greatly needed!

Again, please Donate any amount you can to LEE BRIGHT for U.S. Senate-SC, 2014! HERE:

Thank you!

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Lee Bright's $25for25 Money Bomb may be over... BUT...

...The race is just beginning and Graham, whose numbers are stagnant since losing nearly half his support is pretending like he is not scared.

But Lindsey is pumping out big-money advertisements in an attempt to re-invent/re-introduce himself to the people in South Carolina.

The majority of voters (55%) do not want Graham to remain in office!

Lee Bright is the best candidate to replace Graham and he is also the biggest challenger.

The Money Bomb to kick-start the campaign's push-back against Graham ended last night, but the Battle is just beginning!
Please contribute in any way you can to spread the word for Liberty!

Lee Bright for U.S. Senate-SC, 2014... And get that TRAITOR Lindsey Graham out of office once-and-for-all!!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

2 hours left... Bump!

2 more hours before the Lee Bright for U.S. Senante-SC $25for25 Money Bomb is technically over...


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?



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Just donated $100, Lyndsey

Just donated $100, Lyndsey Graham's done selling out America


Yes, Sir!

Thank you fellow patriot for supporting Liberty!

You've just invested $100 in YOUR OWN Liberty/future and your families! And you've out-done me, lol!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Ron Paul fought to spread the message of liberty so that we...

...could continue the fight and win elections like this one in the future...

This is where your support and efforts are needed if we are to get accountability and constitutional loyalty in Congress.

Lindsey Graham has been a huge opponent to Liberty for over a decade and this is the only chance to get rid of him or it's 6 more years of Lindsey!

Lee Bright is a Rand Paul-type who would obviously be 1000% more of an ally to Liberty and the Constitution!

Don't let this opportunity pass!

The campaign needs the support NOW so they can get to 25% and get the National support and Big-Money as the #1 challenger to Graham. They are already at 17+%, well above their competitors who are at roughly 5% each.

Graham has lost nearly half his support in the state since advocating for aid to Al Quaeda in Syria and Egypt and since siding with Obama on gun control. Graham is now well under the 50% margin.

Lee Bright is the candidate to beat Lindsey Graham and he is also the best candidate available!


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

you should put a link

you should put a link

You're right...

will do...

*edit- done.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?