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Local Parks and Rec. "You need to permit that FREE speech"... WA-4th Congressional Candidate Gavin Seim "I don't think so"

From WA 4th CD Candidates Gavin Seim's blog post...

Got a Permit for that Free Speech? Congressional Candidate Educates City on Constitution


Some days it feels like officials want to violate the Constitution just so I can start a conversation. I don’t make it up. This stuff lands right in front of me and I do not back down on the Constitution. Not at home, not in DC. None of us should.

Outside the post office in Ephrata today I waded into a debate with a city official who was telling a woman handing out anti-Obama literature that she needed a permit. I challenged him on the Constitutional authority of such a statement and addressed it’s conflict with the 1st amendment and our right to free speech. None of his answers made the law sound any less ridiculous.

As a contending congressional candidate, some may chastise me for taking this on. For being too excited or passionate. But liberty matters. It should always be held up in front of us – I am a conversation starter. I want officials to know they are accountable. I want to help citizens become more aware of their liberty. I have recorded videos like this for some time and I won’t be silent as a Congressional candidate. Who better to take a stand for our liberty and the Constitution than the people’s representatives?

I do want to acknowledge Ray. I was confronting his actions as a representative of the city. Their approach is wrong and I hope this starts a conversation about that. But he did handle himself calmly and that is commendable. We’re trying to start conversations about liberty. That happened here.

We need to hold every level of government accountable and if they will not be accountable, we the people must remove them. I’m running for Congress because we have lawlessness from government in America. I can’t run for every office, but I can start conversations about liberty and if you send me to Congress, I will keep the conversation going.

– Gav


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good job man

awesome vid

Hope he gets elected.

One person handing out info. needs a permit? Good grief.

Thank heavens he didn't have

Thank heavens he didn't have an ounce of pot on him, in the inbred south, particularly floriduh it's a felony and no guns would help you in that situation when the cop decides to "inspect" your wife etc.

Enjoy your time with the heroes

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

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