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Crazy Interviews Lined Up This Week!

Hey Guys,

This week I am interviewing

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange Media

Judge Jim Gray

Cody Wilson - (3-D Gun Printer)

and an Anti Gun Group Rep

What would you ask them!?

I am really excited about these



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Where is this again?

How can I listen?

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It's a segment I am producing

It's a segment I am producing ... should be up next week thursday. I'll give you all an update when its posted.

My youtube channel is Youtube.com/joshlecash

my show is called Don't Tread on Media. We cover fringe/conspiracy topics but I want to start bringing in more of a libertarian attitude and segments that involve our civil liberties. (Full disclosure I've been a Libertarian since I was about 16)

To the anti gun group

I would ask these to questions:

1. Should a man be able to defend himself and his family?
2. Why don't you want me to be able to defend myself and my family?

Ask the anti-gun dude

Since criminals always have guns, and ignore law; how would more laws create a change in this paradigm ?

And don't let them off the hook until they answer it straight up. If they try to obfuscate; refocus, to condescend; refocus, to demonize; refocus. Seriously do not allow them to avoid the question and refuse to illuminate any other part of the discussion until they do, that means interrupt them if they try to do otherwise.

And rudely too, after all they are assisting you and your family by infringing upon your 2nd, give them no quarter.


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Don't feel compelled to do it...

but I would ask Luke of We Are Change to learn as much about the Vatican Hierarchy, Venetian Nobility and Jesuit Order and their role in the NWO as possible.

If his journalism were conducted from the point of view of knowing the aforementioned information, it would make thinking about different events in this world more clear cut for his followers, and possibly even his detractors.

Good luck with your interviews.

Ask Cody about

dark wallet. what his goals are for it.

Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

hi josh...

why doncha put up the link to your show?? **hint,hint**

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Maybe you could ask Judge

Maybe you could ask Judge Gray to explain, in his own opinion, the difference between a libertarian and an anarchist or something similar to that. You know like something to get his opinion on how a big of leap he thinks it is in between the two.

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