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WOW China let the U.S. have it at the G20 meeting that just ended!

Wow! China really let the U.S. have it at the G20 meeting that just ended! The U.S. was complaining and accusing China of all sorts of financial mis-doings.

Well China gave it right back to the U.S. right where it Hurts!

The U.S. of course accuses China of having financial problems and putting the 'Global Economy' at risk.

China stood up to the U.S. bullying and told the truth about the U.S. economy and the printing press of the Federal Reserve. They said the U.S. was living off printed money and the U.S. economy was fake and there was nothing really backing the 'prosperity' of the U.S.

China obviously knows the U.S. is running on fumes and was not going to stand for the U.S. trying to bully them. The U.S. is going down in stature in every respect. http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot.com/2014/02/wow-china-...

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Belangp made a stunning, very compelling analysis

Belangp made a stunning, very compelling analysis of what is very plausible, likely going on:

Why the World is Preparing for a Reset


I warmly recommend it to watch, AFAIC, and to keep our cool.

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While the new oligarchs, idle

While the new oligarchs, idle children of the titans of banking and industry and their minions set themselves and their wealth up nicely in China and Russia under their very own hand picked and funded authoritarians already controlling all the resources and labor completely, America will fail on its current path just as these people are poised to walk back in to "save" us under the guise of the UN World Bank, IMF and other such creations buying up what ever is left at rock bottom prices to complete their NWO dreams.

Detroit is just the beginning and another testament to our generations of complacency and conciliatory attitude on freedom, liberty, and the Constitution.
Seems pretty simple to me. The people are sufficiently dumbed-down and ignorant enough now. The last of middle class is being fed to the poor and the rich in bailouts on both ends. Shouldn't take long now, after all there is almost no real push back, only the grumblings of a few, myself included. What will be the big thing we eventually do? and when will we do it? Is the question I still don't have my mind around.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

China is in a bind.

And they know we know they know it.

Everything they said is true. But all they can do is whittle down their dollar holdings, because if they dump, it will result in the devaluation of the rest of their holdings.

This "shrinking pie" phenomenon is the only reason why the US dollar is holding on as the world's reserve currency, i.e. because it is the world's reserve currency. If anyone dumps even partially, everyone else's holdings get devalued.

China owns $1.2T of US

China owns $1.2T of US debt.

China's own national debt is ¥ 30,737,875,999,030; which is just over $5 Trillion.

China has 4.2844098514474272508013274642787 times more people than the US. Divide $5T by 4.2844098514474272508013274642787 and you get a more proper debt comparision (per 317,598,000 people, which is the US population).

That puts China's total national debt at $1,171,607,685,643 (just under $1.2T ) per 317,598,000 people.

1,171,607,685,643 China's debt per 318M people
17,382,986,725,000 US debt per 318M people

Just to put it into a better perspective. I think China is in a much better position, especially if they are experiencing exponential growth of their economy.


Agree, but..

They have 5 T debt and a 1.2 T asset. No sane nation risks devaluing a trillion dollar asset by more than a few percent.

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Granted... not devaluing it... too brutally / too quick, anyway

Granted... not devaluing it... too brutally / too quick, anyway, as that'd be a dumb move for their own short and mid-term self-interest, indeed.

However, they do have something more than just a 1.2T asset in fiat money:


If you ask me, we're lucky they have their own population to be counted in the billions, to balance the economic figures per capita somehow... because, in recent years, they've been pretty serious about hoarding it (true money)... by the loads, as we know.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I have been trying to find another source

of this information. Wanted to send to son but can not use this resource; he nags conspiracy theory to me all the time. Anyone see this anywhere else?

Are they going to stop selling us their junk?

or just lower the quality even more?

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This immediately came to

This immediately came to mind...


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U.S. government is losing creditability around the world

As well as integrity.

manufacturing is the key

if a country does not manufacture goods, it dies. The US only manufactures dollars and only exports entertainment. The number one product manufactured in the US is entertainment, it is truly odd.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Totally agree. Americans must

Totally agree. Americans must focus on encouraging local manufacturing. Real economy is manufacturing based economy.

Tariffs as Adam Smith advised is the key to Manufacturing

Adam Smith advised that there should only be 2 reasons to create a Tariff, 1. For all goods related to National Security set to a very high level so we don't become dependent upon Foreigners for National Defense and 2. A tariff equal to the taxes, fees, licenses, regulations, etc that we place on our local businesses so as to level the playing field.

When 'we' tax, regulate, and the like our local manufacturers we artificially make them less competitive than foreign businesses. If the US placed tariffs on foreign electronics for example equal to the costs incurred from the EPA, OSHA, Homeland Security, etc, then local manufacturers would be able to compete. It would also highlight the number and cost of all the regulations that keep our local businesses from being able to compete.

Oddly enough 'Free Trade' only seems to apply to Foreigners, our businesses pay out the nose to do business.

100% correct. Our economy

100% correct. Our economy morphed from a manufacturing based to a service based economy. Our lawmakers (breakers) have been bleeding the service economy dry by outsourcing those jobs via harmful trade agreements.

Unfortunately, our biggest export isn't entertainment. Our biggest export, sadly, seems to be war.

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Our government is the world's...

greatest exporter of war.

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