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Giuliani to endorse McCain?

I just received a news update from Newsmax that Giuliani is going to endorse McCain....


They're really trying to build up momentum for McShame.... He needs it because he doesn't have money to compete in the super Tuesday states! (hehe!)

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Son_Of_Liberty (formerly known as hippychimp...)

carpe libertatem

The Ghoul wants to be our next Attorney General

so, together with McShame and the Hackster, the last of our rights will be terminated. It will be a secure, surveillance state with open borders and massive taxation and regulation. You will be permitted your dose of anti-depressants, but vitamin supplements will be outlawed, unless marketed by major pharmaceutical companies.

Welcome to your future. May we see your National ID please?

Sad but true...

I think you're correct.

It was starting to become clear in the past few weeks that McCain was looking at Huckster for VP and Rudy for Attorney General.

Mitt was clearly not part of their cozy little group.

The GOP has been paying lip service to individualism and small government for years, while practicing big-government corporatism.

I think a lot of people have waken up to this fact, and hopefully, more will very soon. We could see a mass exodus from the GOP.

so true...

this was once a party dedicated to the "small businessman", LOL.

It's all so corrupt now. The GOP is not even a shell of its former self, it's a lie...I don't know what it is anymore except a party for a slightly different type of statism than the democrats. Hard to believe that the original Republican party was dedicated to abolition of slavery, individual rights, and small farmers and business owners. The party was against slavery not only for the slave act itself, but against the crony plantation economy that was a left over of British colonialism. Hence, the party was dominated by homesteaders and small business owners.

What is it now? A bellicose, war-mongering fraud.