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What DPers are Eating - February 2014

Dear Daily Paul, As you know, any Amazon.com purchases made through the DP's Amazon gateway return a commission to the Daily Paul at no cost to you. The gateway is at dailypaul.com/amazon, on the main blue menu bar above, and can also be entered via any of the links below, or via books on the bookshelf. The commissions help keep the site going.

In case you haven't heard, Amazon is more than books. In honor of Ed's Chow Session thread, here is a little peek at what DPers are eating (and reading!) from Amazon this month.



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Lately I have Made it a Point to order through DailyPaul as my

way to give back to Michael for this wonderful website he runs and maintains along with the help of others. Michael, does Amazon let you know on a daily basis the number of items purchased through your site?

I just recently discovered CocoZia organic coconut water, 11.1 oz containers. Almost everything I buy now is organic. Amazon is the only place I know that sells organic CocoZia coconut water.

I also order vegan Deva vitamin D pills, multivitamins and calcium through Amazon. I order from Amazon all the time as I have hard time finding items I want in stores. I even ordered the 3 different Wheat Belly books through Amazon as it was cheaper than buying them at Barnes and Noble. I shop at Trader Joe's as they have a lot of organic foods. I wish we had a Whole Foods Market near by. I traded in my sea salt for Himalayan Pink Salt crystals, Trader Joe's sells 4.5 oz for $1.99, with grinder. Can't beat Trader Joe's prices. Trader Joe's also sells organic ketchup, mustard and pickles as well.

I am finding out that eating healthy requires eating in a whole lot more; more shopping, more cooking, more dishes, more clean up but in the end, hoping to reap the rewards of living a longer and healthier life.

Adele ( :


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I appreciate that very much

Yes, I can see a daily report on how many items were purchased though the DP. It ranges anywhere from zero to sometimes up to 20. There is a graduated commission schedule, which starts out at, I think 4% and goes up depending on how many total items are sold. To get to the 8% level, it has to be over 600 items. That is ideal because the 8% then applies to all the items purchased over the course of the month. Then the total resets at the beginning of the month.

Amazon is a great deal for things that are hard to find locally. It used to be free of sales tax, but MA recently forced them to start charging. But it is still the cheapest place for books, and a lot of grocery items. Especially if you have Amazon Prime, then you get free 2-day delivery on almost everything, no minimum order. Not to mention a bunch of free streaming movies, and the ability to borrow one book per month for free on your Kindle. All for $79 per year. It is really a great deal.

I like Whole Foods too, but it is expensive. Trader Joe's is awesome for a lot of stuff - especially nuts. They sell a brand of Japanese sake that I like for the best price in town. I have a circuit of three stores that I go to for different things to maximize savings. I eat as much organic as possible too.

I am finding out that eating healthy requires eating in a whole lot more; more shopping, more cooking, more dishes, more clean up but in the end, hoping to reap the rewards of living a longer and healthier life.

Indeed. At the beginning of the year, I gave up wheat. My wife gave up meat. It is an asian belief that she's doing a kind of penance to help her sister, who has cancer, to recover. But as a result, we eat out a lot less.

"No wheat, no meat, there's nothing to eat!" That's what we say when we're trying to figure out where to go out to eat.

The nice part is you save a lot of money. And we both feel a lot better having cut down on the wheat, and I've cut down recently quite a bit on the meat, too.

But the long term benefit, as you say, is reaping the benefits of a longer, healthier life.

Once you get out of your 20's, you begin to realize that you're not immortal, and start taking better care of your body!

Excellent! Thank you for your support!

He's the man.

You know...I buy a lot of

You know...I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon. I need to remind myself to order from your link. Good to know!

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Thank you for your willingness to help

And thanks for hanging around here!

He's the man.