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Federal Reserve ?????

Why can't we coin coins in increments? The federal reserve notes aren't backed by gold and silver any more. So the Constitution gives Congress the authority to coin money. Why not make coins. Make a
$ 5 coin a $ 10 coin a $ 50 coin a $ 100 coin and make them out of tin so they are light. Make all kinds of denominations. Then we wouldn't have to pay more interest to corporate bankers for paper money.

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Hang on a second.

There is a simple yet difficult to implement solution that would put an end to the life sucking FEDco.

Pay off all debt & don't ever allow our government to 'borrow' money into existence. Problem solved.

Read up on President Andrew Jackson and his 'feelings' on central banks. He's my newest hero. I think the good Dr. is also a fan of his too.

Find a senator

2 Points:
1. thamnosa is apparently a real idiot. I've seen them post stupid replies to many threads.

2. Maybe we should find a Senator or Representative to introduce legislation. Maybe Congressman Ron Paul.

Detective Krum Investigates:

It doesn't matter what you make the money out of...

it's the backing of it that is important.

You can hand me a cotton ball with a tag that says $7 on it if you want. As long as it's backed by gold worth $7, I'll take it.

I think you're missing the point just a little bit. The point is that even though congress is the only body that can legally control money, they aren't doing it. Some banking company is doing it, illegally.

Even if money were made out of tin, there would still be interest on that money. We live in a debt...err... credit-based economy, where people must be in debt and pay the interest on home loans, auto loans and credit card debt to keep the economy going.

Interest is not a byproduct of paper money. It's a product of credit-based economies, which are designed to force people to be in-debted, or enslaved, to corporations.

Coins are not borrowed into

Coins are not borrowed into circulation, like Federal Reserve Notes; we pay no interest on them. They are issued directly by the U.S. Treasury. This is proof of the legality and ability of the nation to issue debt free money, without the Fed.

The Fed is THE problem with our nation; get rid of the Fed, and most of our political enslavement will vanish too.


Use something like e-gold (http://www.e-gold.com). That's a gold backed digital currency. You can use that for transactions.

The US govt last year forced

The US govt last year forced US based electronic gold brokers to liquidate into cash.

The US govt is currently trying to shut E-Gold down(based in the Lesser Antilles) with charges of money-laundering.


the Feds are making it harder and harder to move

our money out of the country. They want us trapped here for the massive inflation and taxation coming. Yet, GW Bush just bought a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay. He's moving his assets out and his ass out of Texas.

Paraguay has no extradition treaty with the US

But I'm sure that has NOOOTHING to do with that. Nothing whatsoever.

They should

move offshore then. Oh wait, you said they were offshore. Strange.

E-Gold is a specific "brand"

E-Gold is a specific "brand" that is based in Lesser Antilles.

There were several US-based electronic gold companies who have been shut down (the govt forced liquidation of gold to dollars).

It would be a start but we

It would be a start but we could just print our own money instead of borrowing it from the fed. That would eliminate the interest and the ever increasing debt. Yes they could still print money from nothing but at least the debt would disappear. It would be better then what we have.

If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin. Samuel Adams

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Tin is very plentiful, so the money would be subject to inflation because whoever was making them could produce as many as they wanted very easily. To be safe from inflation, coins would have to be a scarce metal. Well, alternatively, the coins could be backed by a scarce metal. But you'd have to make it really difficult to counterfeit them.

tin is less plentiful than cotton and linen

and at this point, might as well start coining everything


They might use a unique feature too. Long as it is not RFID chip

Detective Krum Investigates: