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Jim Sinclair of www.jsmineset.com shocked to see a total of $516 TRILLION worth of these weapons of mass financial destruction. Growing exponentially. Lots of stuff here about Pakistan heating up - no one but Dr. Ron Paul ever utters the word Pakistan. Ever notice that in the debates? Dr. Ron Paul knows what is happening in the financial world. Don't worry about MSM - ignore the bully it will mess with its mind. They are in so much trouble, that's why Dr. Paul has so much class and is so steadfast. Onward! Remember too Saxo Bank predicted last April he would win the Presidentcy and they've apparently never been wrong!

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The $516 Trillion number comes from the Bank of International Settlements. This sort of debacle is similar to what happened in the Weimar Republic in the late twenties. Hyperinflation led to a devaluation of the Mark - the new Mark was worth a BILLION of the old ones. The ruling party was ultimately destroyed and allowed Hitler to rise to power.