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Coffee vs Tea

About 4 years ago I gave up coffee.

I was fortunate to do quite a bit of travel overseas to China, spending weeks at a time drinking nothing but tea in the day and Yanjing at night. Tea, as it turns out, grew on me.

Then one day back in the states after one of these trips, someone in the office brewed an "extra strength" pot of coffee. I took a sip and that was it, I was done.

Now I only drink tea, sweetened with honey. Green tea, black tea, white tea, red tea, tea with jasmine, tea with ginger, Lipton tea, Tazo tea, oolong tea, darjeeling tea, this tea, that tea, and if I'm really lucky my favorite Harney & Sons Classic Paris tea.

Unlike coffee drinkers, I don't get headaches if I don't get my tea first thing in the morning. I don't wring my hands looking for tea and I don't bark at people and tell them I can't function without my first cup of tea. And I never, ever need to make a Starbucks run to get my tea fix.

I'm convinced that tea is a healthier choice than coffee, and honey is a superior choice than sugar.

What say you DP? Coffee or tea?

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I started drinking coffee at

I started drinking coffee at an early age and got hooked. I have had my fair share of tea but coffee is what I drink. Maybe because of the rainy weather? Haha, but anyways I work front of the house at my restaurant and we actually serve a decent brew compared to others. So I find myself drinking quiet a few cups a day. Woops!

Try PERO brand for coffee substitute.

Made of chikory root, rye, malted barley and nothing else.

Here's a link to some info about it...


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I recently...

purchased a new kombucha culture and started drinking kombucha tea again. One new twist is I grated some ginger and put it in my chilled kombucha. Tastes great and makes you feel good. Some people do a secondary fermentation with a particular flavoring but I haven't experimented much with that yet.

I seem to recall that the Chinese believe it's unhealthy to sweeten regular tea. I'm not sure if honey is okay, maybe it is just sugar that is bad.


I love both. But I quit as much caffeine, and unfortunately I'm one of those weirdos that can taste the difference between decaf and regular. So I just stopped toying with myself. It took a few weeks of withdrawal, and after being free of caffeine, I wake up and feel more energized than I ever was before.

It's a mouth thing

Something about most tea leaf teas makes the inside of my mouth feel funny. Herb teas I like ok but my favorite is a tea my grandfather hooked me on when I was a little girl. Sassafras tea made by boiling a piece of the tree root until the water turns rusty pink.

Coffee, to me, is almost a dessert on the cheap.. mocha caramel.. chocolate raspberry.. cream.. half and half.. whipped cream.. yummy stuff.

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Lately tea in any form makes me puke

I'm not kidding. I used to love it but now it makes me puke after less than an ounce. It's weird. I'm not willing to experiment to find out if any are better than others so I'm done with tea in all forms. I hate coffee and always have; I don't even understand what quality it could possibly have that appeals to anyone, but that's because I don't like it I guess.
Given my former appreciation of tea I will vote TEA. But not drink it again.

I hear what you're saying about tea making you puke---For me....

...it's green tea.

I can't stomach that stuff.

And tea always smells better than it tastes.

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I don't particularly like either much. Sometimes I drink tea. Fresh Kona coffee is tolerable. But I really don't get why people are so into coffee and tea.

honey I will vote for though! Honey! How can so many here use stevia? Stevia tastes horrible....like metal.

Today: Coffee at Breakfast, Tea at lunch

Both sweetened with stevia.

Once a fellow challenged me to quit coffee. We were both coffee drinkers, and he wanted to quit, and felt I couldn't do it, which would give him, I feel, someone to point at for justification. From
the next day, I didn't drink coffee for 7 years.

I have always loved the flavor and taste of coffee: Coffe Nips candy... Coffee Ice Cream, Mocha shakes and such.

I have been to China, my wife is Chinese, and there is lots of tea here too. My wife drinks coffee too, and sees little distinction. Though it seems she likes her coffee weak, and will run the grinds a second time (which seems odd to me).

A couple of years ago I went about 15 months drinking protien smoothies in the mornings, instead of coffee... the chocolate flavour was getting boring, so I started blending it up with black coffe as the base... much better!

Mom drinks about 4-6 cups a day. At 83 I can't say its been too bad for her health!

Chicory Root is what I'm into lately. Great coffee replacement.

It's the closest thing to coffee (without being coffee) out there in my estimation.

You can get the kind which you brew like coffee or the kind which dissolves in hot water.

Add a little vannilla rice milk or cream and you won't know it's not coffee.

And no caffeine. Check it out.

I remember years ago right before the big Starbucks craze, there were a lot of studies coming out saying coffee just isn't good for you for many many reasons.

Then as soon as Starbucks hit those studies not only went away - they were replaced buy studies claiming how healthy coffee is for humans.

So which is it? It can't be both.

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my friend was drinking folgers crystals daily , i kept telling him that crap was bad for him

he would also buy $3.50 5 hour energy's as well on a daily basis

I bought him some chiappas patriot blend and he kicked the 5 hour energys to the curb , doesnt even need them at all to get through his day, kicked the folgers as well!

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Terere...Paraguay's Tea

No need to boil water. Great for those extra hot days. An everyday part of social life in Paraguay and surrounding region.

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Just Don't Drink High Grade Tea

I tried Sencha Uji Green Tea and now regular green tea no longer tastes that good.

The high grade tea was sweet, so it was unnecessary to add any sweetener.

Spoiled for life...

I lov3 coca tea

Its illegal from some stupid reason, but customs dont seem to care. Give it a try.

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The more coffee you drink,

The more coffee you drink, the longer you'll live:




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Simple choice

I have always preferred the taste of tea by far and never liked the taste of coffee,strange as it may seem.

Coffee Grind


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Why must you choose one?

Why must you choose one?

Honey is the tastiest antibiotic...

add that on hot tea with lemon, a potent elixir for colds, cough and sore throats.


both are great

grind my own dark roast expresso in the morning with a little unsweetened almond milk. 2 cups.

afternoon, english tea, same. one cup.

Your first mistake was drinking coffee made at work

You couldn't pay me to drink the cheap crap most employers provide. What did they have? Folgers? Maxwellhouse? This is like saying I watched the movie Gigli so will now always read books.

You go out, you get a good bean that is properly roasted and grind it right before you brew it. THIS is what coffee is all about. Mild, pleasant, and contains more of life's essential caffein; sweet nectar of life.

Don't get me wrong. I love a nice green or white tea with a touch of honey right from my french press or maybe even some chrysanthymum. However, don't knock coffee if you've only ever gotten your brew from work or Starbucks.

brand/variety suggestions?

please? =)

First, get a good conical burr grinder (~$100+)

Next, visit your local high end food store's bulk coffee BEAN section and get a good Tanzanian Peaberry coffe, or something medium roast from Italy, most anything from Africa is good, or a dark South American roast (Chille is favorite). Grind for your brew method right before you brew, don't do this before bed time, and enjoy your coffee. Fresh grind makes all the difference. I use Keurig and the Melitta coffee filter system for single cup and a drip maker for large batches for friends. Keurig isn't perfect but it is convenient and doesn't kill the coffee.


PS : Your cost per pound should range between $7 and $15(organic shade grown). Try em all 1/4 pound at a time until you find some you like.



My pleasure


Indpendence Coffee

Red Rose...

Decaffeinated black Peking tea. Iced and lemon added. No sugar.
*The Best*

Blood Type

Your blood type may indicate which works for you. Blood Type A can use a cup of coffee (not gallons) to aid digestion.

I'm a B, and I can't take coffee at all (love the smell and the grounds for my garden, though). However, the caffeine in tea bothers me more, now, than it did when I was younger.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Brew together...

Brew together black tea, green tea & blueberry tea for a delicious flavor. I sweeten with Stevia.

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Both are great

but both lose a lot of their benefits when you add sugar and milk. Coffee doesn't sit well with some people, but for the majority of people, it is the healthier choice. The amount of antioxidant is roughly five times as high in a cup of coffee, and the typical American coffee drinking level (4 cups, black coffee) has a clinically proven record of preventing many degenerative illnesses, such as diabetes, many cancers, gout, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's, tooth decay, hepatitis, and more. It's also associated with improved strength and endurance in those who drink coffee and exercise. Cafeic acid has even been found to reduce the rate at which DNA fragments during cellular reproduction. Regular consumption of coffee has also been directly linked to improved memory and cognitive abilities in the elderly. It has even been found to be a powerful natural anti-depressant. As a natural dopamine stimulant, it likely improves long-term dopamine levels into old age, thus keeping your brain sharp over time.

Tea has many benefits, too, and I would argue that someone who can replace soda with tea has made a massive improvement. Tea's benefits mirror coffee's, especially dark teas. As I mentioned, coffee doesn't agree with some people, making tea the obvious choice. But overall, coffee's health benefits are significantly more numerous.

Again, only if you keep out the sugar and milk!

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