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A Justin Amash constituent was criticizing Amash on Facebook. Justin Amash actually reponds to him!

In a race that continues to provide reasons why Justin Amash is destroying his Establishment opponent, Brian Ellis, in the polls, Amash gives us yet another reason why he's so beloved in his district.

A constituent of Michigan's 3rd District, Adam Wright, publicly wrote on his Facebook page:

"Does Justin Amash vote with your values as a resident of the 3rd Congressional District? Did you know that Justin Amash was the only Michigan Republican to support President Obama's position against work requirements for welfare?[...]Justin Amash was the only Michigan Republican who voted “no”. Ninety-Nine percent of U.S. House Republicans voted “yes”. The Heritage Foundation and National Taxpayers Union supported this legislation.

There is a better choice to represent you in Washington DC. Brian Ellis for Congress will represent your values and be your voice when elected."

Justin Amash came across Wright's post, and did the thing that makes him different from all the others. He personally responded to the constituent.

Adam Wright: Did the congressman offer any amendments to improve the bill or just vote no? IMO, it's easier to vote NO than work to find a solution that is beneficial for everyone.
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Justin Amash: Adam, this bill was considered under a closed rule, which means no amendments were allowed. A yes vote authorized billions of dollars of additional welfare without any reforms. As a conservative, I correctly voted no. Again: http://facebook.com/repjustinamash/posts/525232120849532.
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Adam Wright: Were there opportunities to speak with and work together with Republican leadership to fix the items that you disagreed with?
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Justin Amash: Adam, no. After the Committee on Rules adopts a substitute amendment (which would not be disclosed to us in advance), the bill is quickly brought to the floor for a vote. Leadership intended to authorize new welfare spending, so they didn't disclose th...See More
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Justin Amash And good luck getting any other congressman to explain this stuff to the public, as I've done with about 3,000 votes. My opponent is running an entire campaign based on misleading people about votes like this one. He's par for the course in Washington.
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Adam Wright: I'm relatively new to the 3rd CD but my former congressman Bill Huizenga is an outstanding man who is very open and honest with his constituents. He continues to be an effective representative.

I like Brian's background as a business owner and his values as husband, father and local public servant. I have no doubt that he will use his experience to be an effective voice for everyone in the 3rd congressional district.
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Justin Amash: Do you like his background in misleading people about votes, like this one, when he has full access, as everyone in the public does, to my vote explanations?
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Adam Wright: I know that I don't like large Washington DC special interest groups spending significant resources smearing Brian. Running television ads accusing him of raising taxes while on the school board is wrong and untruthful. As a former local elected official myself, I've had the opportunity to vote to place millage questions on the ballot for voters to decide on. That does not equal raising taxes.

Brian is an honest and caring man who I think would be a great congressman.
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What's funny about this and also sad at the same time, is that Wright still refused to concede his argument and entered a stage of denial by deflecting the end result of the argument. Wright made the comment that he doesn't like the TV ads making Brian Ellis' record seem "wrong" and "untruthful", yet used that very same tactic of publicly smearing Justin Amash's voting record on Facebook which triggered the response from Amash. Wright then closes with a personal statement about Ellis, that one could probably assume Wright knows Ellis personally. So there's no way Amash could ever win somebody over who's already predetermined to be biased towards Ellis.

To see the original Facebook post, it is shared to the public at this link: https://www.facebook.com/adam.wright.1023611/posts/101538934...

You might want to screen capture this memorable exchange before Wright deletes it.

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He's such a good and honest man.

Anyone who takes the time to vote will hopefully take the time to read his facebook. Everyone knows he explains all his votes. I wish I could vote for him but alas I'm in Texas where we are hopefully voting out Cornyn.


Go to the thread (which is locked now)

And like all of Justin's comments to show the poor uninformed shill the magnitude of his mistake.

State Secretary
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho
National Board Member At-Large
Republican Liberty Caucus

This guy

just sounds like a campaign aid working for Brian Ellis. Even after Amash made some points about lies Ellis made, the guy didn't even respond to the specifics of Amash's comments, just made some vague attack against Amash and "special interest", which had nothing to do with what Amash was talking about. This guy is a joke and obviously was over his head and probably works for Ellis.

"as an elected representative, myself"

too funny.

he should just cut to the chase and say "as somebody who is working on his campaign."

I wouldn't be surprised if the IP address of that post traces back to Brian Ellis's home.

I'll bet you're right

Brian Ellis seems pretty slimy


What a brown-noser

Guess he was pretty hungry


Average donation to Amash $156. He raised $518,000

while Ellis raised $308,00 and had to pledge a million of his own money.

I found this article on Red State Eclectic:

Finally, Ellis' campaign has had a very disjointed message as it tries to simultaneously portray Amash as a liberal who sides with Obama and an ultra conservative. Couple this with Ellis' rather strange statement that it is not the role of the members of Congress to worry about the constitutionality of legislation because that is the role of the courts.

I sure hope there is a debate

Justin will "Ron Paul" all over him!!!


If you jump in Amash pit...

you're gonna get yourself slammed

My daughter is

moving into his district in the near future.
I was just telling her today, that they would have the best Rep. in the State!


The State?

Try the States!

Thank you

I'm so glad you and others feel this way



*best Rep. in the Country! :)

*best Rep. in the Country! :)

And he's



deacon's picture


see what happens when you miss a spot or 2?
We get one,we voted out of office,then go ahead and vote him back in again
who is now trying to run for governor!!! seriously

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


Read and re-read and don't understand the comment..would really like to.. Can you please clarify ? may even vote you up :)


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I live in mich's 7th district,them here voted out schauer,only to vote him back in again,and now,he wants to be the governor.

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

make that "states!"

make that "states!"

I can't imagine anyone voting against Amash

how could you have a better congressman?

Not necessarily the SAME as Amash

but Texas had one too ! You know what ? If you look at the spelling of Texas, it starts looking very weird..You try typing it over and over and no matter what you do it still looks strange..so I hope I spelled it right.


Amash clearly votes

on his own principals, not as he is instructed to do by the party, so IMHO even if I don't like a particular vote on a certain bill I trust Amash to vote against bloated government and vote for liberty. Ellis will just be a rubber stamp for the establishment who, heaven forbid, are placing him in office.

Adam Wright is a sociopath

Adam Wright is a sociopath

Ventura 2012

C_T_CZ's picture

Brian Ellis is a beyotch....

Yeah, I said it.

Thankfully Amash is crushing him in the polls.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof