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"Official" LA GOP results in!!!


"LAGOP Releases Official Results of Louisiana's Republican Caucus:
January 29, 2008
Congressional District 1 Alternate Results
Congressional District 1 Delegate Results
Congressional District 2 Delegate Results
Congressional District 3 Delegate Results
Congressional District 4 Delegate Results
Congressional District 5 Alternate Results
Congressional District 5 Delegate Results
Congressional District 6 Alternate Results
Congressional District 6 Delegate Results
Congressional District 7 Alternate Results
Congressional District 7 Delegate Results

After the verification and counting of provisional ballots was completed late Friday evening, the results of the 2008 Louisiana Republican Caucus were deemed official.

In order to cast a ballot in the Caucus, a person must have been a registered Republican as of November 30, 2007. The Republican Party of Louisiana has worked with Registrars of Voters across the state in an effort to verify party affiliations of voters who cast provisional ballots.

Approximately two-thirds of the individuals who cast provisional ballots have been identified by their respective Registrar of Voters as registered Democrats or Independents as of the November 30 deadline. Their ballots, of course, will not be counted nor added to the totals of any district.

After verifying and counting all eligible provisional ballots, the addition of these votes yielded very few changes in the outcomes of races.

We have appreciated your patience as we have worked to ensure the accuracy of the 2008 Louisiana Republican Caucuses.

Jason Dore, J.D.

Communications/Political Director

Republican Party of Louisiana"

They are not announcing a change in the winner, but they are saying only "very few changes" resulted. Can someone look at the results and determine how many are RP delegates, etc compared to McCain?

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So out of the 47 delegates up for grabs

How many does our man get? Im confused.

Previously known as DCALIFANO

Previously known as DCALIFANO

I don't have the exact number

But somewhere in the 8-15 range of the 105 STATE delegates. We are still fighting for more legally, and we are trying to win over the others.

NONE of the 47 delegates to national have been chosen, that will be done on Feb 9th and Feb 16th.

I know the primary is on the

I know the primary is on the 9th. What happens on the 16th?

State Convention

which will choose 41 of the 47 delegates to national. Those attending this state convention are the 105 delegates we elected on Jan 22nd at the caucuses.

Ok, I'm pretty sure this is

Ok, I'm pretty sure this is where we get lost....

When you click on the damn lagop link and then click on one of the damn "results" links all you get are a bunch of damn names that mean nothing to the majority of us. They declare John McCain the winner but give us a bunch of meaningless names? I may be wrong, but I think that this is where most of us are getting lost. How do these names translate into a McCain win? Why are the names not attached to a candidate?

That's where I get lost anyhow.

They apparently

translate to a McCain win as per the GOP because the GOP knows who those delegates support as most of them are party insiders.

There were handbills handed out at each caucus so people would know who to vote for by who they supported. (or what issue - like Pro-Life)

The only thing we can know, if you have the handbills, is if those delegates appeared on a candidate's bill, then they supposedly support that candidate. Many who won were on the Pro-Life bill were ALSO on certain candidate bills. Some were even on MORE than one candidate bill. That's why it's so hard to determine an accurate number of delegates who support each candidate. (technically, all are uncommitted - that's why there are no candidate names next to the delegates) We didn't vote by Presidential Candidate, we voted for INDIVIDUALS who wanted to be delegates to the state convention. It is merely by circumstance that this affects the nomination - it was not a contest of which candidate has the most support in LA.

It would be also almost impossible to determine percentages by the numbers given unless you knew how many people voted. Each voter checked off UP TO 15 names for both delegate and alternate. Some voted for less. (some even just one person, or some didn't vote for alternates) You can't simply add up the votes and get a total because of this.

Would have been nice if

Would have been nice if they'd tell us what the changes were.

No one in Louisiana

Understand how this s*** works. I know. I live there.

I'm pretty sure I just about got it

and I'm from LA. Anything in particular you are lost on?

Yes. How is it that the

Yes. How is it that the November voter registration deadline was absolute, but the January delegate registration deadline was merely a suggestion?

Thank you in advance for your explanation! :)

Good question

I would say 'lawsuit'?

HQ is considering it. I'm not sure if it's a done deal yet.

If successful on the Jan 10th deadline, we will win all of the delegates I believe.

Just saw it - sorry

I've been on Nolan Chart the past hour.

I don't have all the slates to give you an analysis. I'm sure someone does though.

What I'm worried about is why did they throw out 2/3 of the provisional ballots? That will make a HUGE difference in the outcome.

They SAY it's because those people were registered Democrat or Independent, but I personally know of two very important facts:

1)Many of us switched in the last few days before the deadline and some of the registrars recorded the date of computer entry rather than the date on the paperwork as the date of party affiliation change. (State law says the date the papers are FILED - not the date entered, is the date to go by) This happened to me personally. If this is the case with these 2/3rds votes - they should be counted.

2)I know of many people who supported Dr. Paul that didn't learn of the deadline until too late. They were at the caucus to assist us, but they DID NOT VOTE. They weren't eligible to. I doubt seriously that people tried to vote if they KNEW they had not made the deadline.

I also notice in the provisional counts that a small number of them went to the already winning 'uncommitted' slate. I seriously doubt that. Those people who voted for that slate were all from the church crowds who were life long republicans. They would not have had to file provisional ballots as their names would have been on the lists. While it's not entirely impossible, it isn't bloody likely. It is also telling that in some cases, those few votes, had they been recorded for Paul delegates, would garner us several more. Interesting.

Additionally, it would be interesting to see how many of the 'fusion' candidates that won, actually qualified after the Jan 10th deadline. You see, the LAGOP pushed back the deadline to Jan 12th when they realized we had the vast majority of delegates running. Since the LAGOP had no authority to change this deadline the way they did as per their own rules, these delegates should automatically be disqualified. That would put our delegates back into the winning lists - without even going to the alternates who won (many of whom may also be disqualified)

I doubt the GOP could be forced to comply with their own rules and drop those late filers, but I certainly would fight this angle if I were RP HQ.

There is still hope though,

Many of the Pro-Life crowd may be open to our message as their own favorites drop out. We are already working them over. We have many friends in the state party that are sick of the Neo-Cons. And if we can't win over the delegates, perhaps they can on our behalf.

There is also the remote possibility we could deliver 50%+ of the vote to Paul in the primary and get 20 delegates.

And finally, one need not be a state delegate to be a national delegate. It is remotely possible we could campaign to the state convention to still elect us to the RNC in September.

It ain't over till it's over.

I live in Louisiana

And I do not understand how this works.

Which part?

I'll try to help.




I'm still not sure what you don't understand. Is there something specific about the Lafayette Caucus, or are you FROM Lafayette? (I am too by the way)

I do not understand the

I do not understand the whole process. When I pull up the list of delagates and voting results all I see is a list of names.
How does that list translate to to a candidate winning or loosing. Multiple people here have tried to explain it but have failed to get the message across.

Here goes

on Jan 22nd we voted for INDIVIDUALS to be delegates to the state convention to be held on Feb 16th.

15 people from each congressional district.

The top 15 win. (there were 65 people running in my district - #7)

Those 105 state delegates (7*15) will choose 3 delegates from each congressional district to go to national. They will also choose 20 more 'at-large' delegates.

There are 3 delegate spots for the party bosses, and the party central committee gets to chose 3 more for a total of 47.

ALL of these delegates are uncommitted officially unless a candidate gets 50%+ of the vote in the primary on Feb 9th, in which case the 20 at-large are pledged for the 1st ballot at the national convention to whomever that is.

NONE of the 47 delegates to national have to be delegates to the state convention.

In many of the districts, groups of delegates formed 'slates' or 'blocks' if they all supported a particular candidate or issue (pro-life).

That way - for the most part, the whole slate would receive the same amount of votes and the winning slate would get all 15 spots in that district. (hopefully)

Since some people voted for less than 15, or split their vote amongst different slates, some of our delegates got in, while most did not. The 'Pro-Life/Pro-Family slate won most of the spots.

The whole exercise was to elect state delegates, NOT to see who LA preferred as the GOP nominee. That's why you don't see candidates next to the delegate names. They are officially uncommitted. The original ballots were just a bunch of names, you had to have a list of your delegates to know who to vote for. If you want to know on what 'slates' the winning delegates were on, you need a copy of the handbills passed out at each district.

Does this help? Any other questions?

Also, stop by Coffee & Paulitics this Sunday and I can explain it more to you if you need. Sign up on meetup if you haven't already to get the details. - Adrien

"Approximately two-thirds of

"Approximately two-thirds of the individuals who cast provisional ballots have been identified by their respective Registrar of Voters as registered Democrats or Independents as of the November 30 deadline."

Not liking the sound of that...

Why? Because you know that

Why? Because you know that a good majority of RP's supporters are democrats & independents or because they didn't register in time for the deadline?

See my above comment

I want to be certain they REALLY weren't registered in time vs. poor procedures by the registrars.

in english please


Could you be a little more specific

as to what you are looking for, perhaps with specific questions.

I understood the original post perfectly but I'm also in the middle of this.

Some questions as to what you don't understand might be easier than just rephrasing the whole thing.

So Paul got the most state

So Paul got the most state delegates out of all the candidates, right? I tallied about 13, with 8 of them from CD 5. BTW, can we say that Paul already has 3 national delegates (the ones from CD 5)?

This is not certain

This will be determined by those 15 delegates from dist 5 at the state convention on Feb 16th.


What, no comments?


What, no comments?