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Is anyone else here watching House of Cards or just me?

I ended up finishing the entire second season last week, and now I'm going back to fill in a few holes with Season 1. It is positively great entertainment. Not to mention that there is an upside down flag in the logo.

Found this video on Trevor's site. It is a nice little intro / explanation. The video is also an ad for a class, but I think I'm a little classed out at the moment.


The class looks interesting, in theory, but you'll learn enough by just watching the show, lol.

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Kind of like in Catching Fire

There are people on the inside, working for the resistance.

Great book. The best in the trilogy, in my opinion.

There are lessons to be learned everywhere. Fiction, books, tv, movies, reality. It is all there for your learning.

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I loved this show

so much! I watched every episode back to back. I was hooked from the very first scene.

Kevin Spacey is to Frank Underwood what Bryan Cranston was to Walter White. Genius. Robin Wright is perfect as his wife, they make the perfect power couple.

Great production quality, superb acting, excellent story line. Loved it, and can't wait for Season Three!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

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Two shorten the road.

My son's been watching it.

I just finished the last of Breaking Bad and am looking for a new series. House of Cards may not be good bed-time viewing for me from what my son tells me.
Is House of Cards going to get me mad?

Two words...

Boardwalk Empire. My absolute favorite show! Well developed characters, fantastic acting, and powerful writing. Shame there is only one season left.

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-Robert Green Ingersoll

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Yes, it will get you mad; but

Yes, it will get you mad; but you will be entertained.

If you are a libertarian, you might find some satisfaction in the series because it does a great job of demonstrating how dirty politics can be.


allowing myself one episode per week and they've been good. I like the intensity of something like breaking bad more, but this is a completely different type of show.

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Wow, you have some good

Wow, you have some good self-restraint! I allowed myself one episode per hour! lol.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.


It's one of my favorite shows besides Game of Thrones.

Did you also laugh when, in season 1, they introduced a "libertarian" (Roy Kapeniak) as a lazy drunk, drug pusher, and huge conspiracy theorist?

I watched the entirety of season 2 on the release date, last Friday. Excellent show. Obviously, much more dramatic than real life, but the back door deals made are very real and I think this show gives first person insight to corrupt politics that most of us only get to read about.

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Ha - yes, that was hilarious

Roy Kapeniak and his cheesy website. I was like, "Is that supposed to be me?" lol.

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Ah, the silent upvoters.

Slowly creeping up in votes, this thread is. Nice to know.

Insights on the show, especially as it relates to real life, are welcome. Double points if you've ever experienced anything like this first hand.

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Does that include the scene

Does that include the scene with the drunk wife and the secret service guy? That's probably worth triple points.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Love this show. However, Im 3

Love this show.

However, Im 3 episodes into season 2 and not digging it. Ill keep watching.

Netflix and Hulu have some great original series. If you've gotta have TV but don't want to spend a fortune, its the way to go.

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I thought season 2 was better

I watched it in reverse order, season 2 first, then season 1. Loved season 2, not as fond of season 1, but I'll keep watching.

It is incredible how you can actually like a psychopath like Frank Underwood. At least I can. But then again, it is fiction.

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The reason why I think Frank

The reason why I think Frank and Claire are mostly well-liked by all the fans, is because I believe viewers of the show feel like co-conspirators. When Frank talks to the audience, and lets you know what he's thinking and his plans for everything, you feel like you're in on it. That leads to people wanting Frank and Claire to succeed, unlike Breaking Bad for example, where most viewers wanted the exact opposite, they wanted Walter White to die.

That is what I think anyways.

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I know!

I've followed since season one came out. Frank is a dirty mf but I love him. I was pumped to see how season two ended. Glad they
didn't leave me hanging till season 3 wondering. House of Cards is a few steps below Breaking Bad in my book.

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no lie..

I watched the start of season 2 while cleaning house this weekend, so I wasn't plugged in totally.

I like his character because its believable. Fiction, yes… but its based on the actions our congressmen make

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My Dad is.

A guy he works with told him he would like it, he started a few nights ago. I noticed he was watching it because of your posts about it. He said I should watch also.

He also said a day or so ago that the couple that found that pile of loot would be taxed more than their troubles are worth.

If he used the internet I think he would fit in here quite well.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

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So I guess that makes me, your dad and Allison Bricker

I saw she made a post about it on my other thread, which also got two votes.

So your dad doesn't use the internet, huh? My dad didn't either. I think he would have enjoyed it very much. How come your dad doesn't? Does he know about the DP, and your famous friend here who runs it?


That is interesting that he said that about the couple who found the loot. I never even thought of that. At the same time, if I found loot like that, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't blab about it.

You should watch an episode with him and see what you think. I think they're pretty good. The second season was better than the first.

I used to watch TV with my dad. He was in charge of the remote, and whenever the commercials came on, he would mute them. Then we got to watch commercials on mute. It was a pretty interesting experience. You can see more clearly how they're manipulating you without the sound.

Anyway, these don't have commercials. This is how cable TV was supposed to be - no commercials. I wonder how long until Netflix starts running commercials. Ask your dad about that one.

Each episode is about 50 minutes. I was watching one a night until the end of the second season, then I had to watch like 5 in a row to see what happened in the end.

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Why doesn't he?

Well....if you think I have issues with technology and the internet, I look like an internet savvy Neo style tech genius compared to my Dad.

He just doesn't like it. Plus he works a ton, he hardly has time for it. He still listens to AM radio on an actual radio with a tin foil antenna at work. He loves coast to coast though. He would probably love DP radio also.

Oh yeah.... and the government has been spying on people for decades and he'll be damned if he is just going to give them more material to work with via internet usage.

That being said, he is aware of the DP and the guy that runs it, kinda....

It's really funny that you asked me that tonight because we just watched a documentary a friend sent me a few nights ago where the DP came up and the guy who runs it, and I just wrote a note to that friend who sent the DVD about the experience that is going in the mail tomorrow.

Also, he said he is glad someone sent me a book on money (Rich Dad Poor Dad) because he has no idea what the hell to tell me about all that.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

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He sounds like an interesting character, your dad.

I hope I get to meet him one day.

That is funny that you watched that today. Did you see the shell shock on the guy's face when he was describing how Ron Paul came in 5th in New Hampshire (exactly as the polls predicted). Obviously delusional. I noticed that pretty hard. It was a new form of awakening for me.

You're really lucky that you have friends you can write letters to. Letter writing is getting to be a lost art. It really is.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a good book. I highly recommend it!

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Rich Dad Poor Dad My Dad Your Dad...Dr.Seuss

I wasn't quite sure where to put this....

I searched Amazon high and low for the edition of this book I have, but I think I might have the only special yellow letter copy, so I guess I’ll just post this link.


One of the early stories about how the author tried to make money as a kid cracked me up. He tried to literally make money by melting down old toothpaste tubes to cast nickels. I tried to make money once when I was a kid by tracing monopoly money. I even put my cousin to work with me. ‘Here, trace these with me so we can go down to the ice cream shop’ lol….We thought we had figured out the answer to all our parent’s monetary concerns. Why hadn’t anyone thought of such a brilliant plan we wondered to ourselves as we traced away.
Know the difference between assets and liabilities and buy assets.

The house thing was interesting to me because I have been saying for years now that a house seemed like more financial trouble than it is worth if you really can’t afford it, and most people I know can’t afford the houses they live in along with the lifestyle they want to live.

I have a friend that made 4x as much as I did in 2013. Yet after her house payments, taxes, homeowners insurance, car payments, car maintenance, car insurance, gas, property taxes, home repairs, and the need to keep up with joneses as far as electronics and new toys….she spent more than she made and I spent less than I made and I walk away with a profit. A small one, but +1 is still more than -1.

I haven’t had a car since 2006. I found out quick that cars are huge liabilities. I figured out when I had a car I was working one of my numerous jobs at the time simply to pay for the maintenance, insurance, gas, plates and registration. When I finally got rid of that car and decided not to get another one until I was in a more than comfortable enough financial position to afford one I felt more financial freedom than I can even explain.

It’s not quite as simple as buying assets though. He said to buy assets you love. I can’t think of anything I love that would be an asset. I have enough financial literacy to have stayed away from liabilities thus far and to know how to avoid liabilities. I don’t have any assets and I’m not really sure what assets I should even consider acquiring.

Land was wealth 300 years ago. So the person who owned the land owned the wealth. Then it was factories and production, and America rose to dominance. The industrialists owned the wealth. Today it is information. And the person who has the most timely information owns the wealth. The problem is information flies all around the world at the speed of light. The new wealth cannot be contained by boundaries and borders as land and factories were. The changes will be faster and more dramatic. There will be a dramatic increase in the number of new multimillionaires. There will also be those who are left behind :(.

But I don’t like it…. I like being a luddite…. Good thing I have a famous techy friend who sent me a copy of Wired magazine in an effort to keep me updates on the world of wires and buttons and whatnot.

Chapter 7 had a great story about an author in Singapore who was a good writer but didn’t know anything about marketing or sales. I think that happens with a lot of artists. Some of the biggest musicians right now simply know how to market, but in some cases their music is assembly line mass produced jingles that are just marketed better than some really great musicians who are making amazing music that is just not hitting charts. Anyways, he pointed out to her that he himself isn’t actually a writer, he is an author. He sold a book, he didn’t write a story. She was sitting there with a bestselling author and wasn’t interested in his advice because he wasn’t a trained writer. What?!?! That is crazy. He said it himself….he said he wasn’t a writer, he was a salesperson, and that she was a writer not a salesperson and combining those two talents could have made quite the combination. Some people have too much pride to learn from others.

Ok, anyways…what I recognized in my habits already….habits that I have had for years now is that I know how to identify a liability and I stay far away from them. I don’t know how to identify or acquire assets. That leaves me kind of in the neutral as far as money goes. I’m not rich or even financially comfortable per se, but I don’t have much in the way of negative financial issues going on.
I have always known I am not a salesperson or good at marketing, so while I read those chapters, I actually paper clipped them to remind myself to read deeper and perhaps read with a high lighter.


The above was typed prior to a trip to my mailbox on Saturday. I now have a double yellow letter special edition. Just get something started. Got it. (landmark forum speak for acknowledged and processed).

Now, I have a special edition of Wired magazine to read also. I love personalized special editions.

But 1st some Dr. Seuss for the bookshelf inspired by my comment title.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

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Luckily I like to read, because you've written a short novel

And luckier still I like to read your comments especially. And glad to know that you learned something.

- wink -

Indeed, a house is a consumption item, not an investment. For the most part, so is a car. Except... Except if you need a car to get to a job, then the car is an investment, because it helps you make money. But you don't need a Lexus to get to work. An investment is anything that you can use that will make money for you.

Real estate is generally a good investment, but location plays a big role. When I was in college, there used to be this infomercial that came on all the time late at night for Carlton Sheets. It might still be playing. Carlton was all about buying houses and renting them out, and having tenants pay off your mortgage. He's cheesy, and he's a salesman, and I'm sure he made a lot of money selling his courses.


But just because you're selling doesn't mean you have to be like him. That is just one way. Carlton is cheesy, but he does have a valuable idea. Yes, a house is a liability if you're living in it, but if someone else is living in it, paying off your mortgage, then it is an asset.

Say, for example, someone lives in a college town. You know that every year there will be new students, looking for places to live. You'll never want for tenants. And after all those kids have paid off your mortgage, in the end you get a house to live in, free and clear.

That's why I enjoyed Bryan Charles's memoir There's a Road to Everywhere Except Where You Came From so much. It was the story of his path. Not everyone's path, just his. No doubt he had to do some selling to get his first book published.

Bryan was making an investment through his writing, and enrolling in that creative writing program in Brooklyn, after he quit his job after 9/11.

"Buy assets you love." Loosen up your definition a little about "buying" assets. Free your mind.


Rich Dad talks a lot about financial assets, but for young people without a lot of money, the best investment they can make is in themselves.

I don't think there is anything wrong with being a luddite as long as you're aware of it. (In which case, I don't think you can be called a true luddite. A true luddite would display this kind of self awareness of her luddite-ness. She'd be too busy smashing computers and ripping cellphones out of peoples' hands to have time for thoughtful reflection.)

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled and your nose alert to the wind. Hell these days even a blog can be an asset.


He's the man.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I believe this book was the staring point of my "awakening". Rothbard would categorize it as an "action axiom", and I think that description fits...

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An "action axiom"

What does that mean?

He's the man.

Action Axiom

Definition: An action axiom is an axiom that embodies a criterion for recommending action. Action axioms are of the form "If a condition holds, then the following should be done".

This term is used in Murray Rothbard's Austrian Epistemology. It is basically a starting point, or the beginning of an action. It is explained better by Rothbard when he describes Mises' Praxeology, I believe it was in his book "Man, Economy, and the State".