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Chris Matthews: "Rand Paul the man to beat" in 2016

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The only way I'll vote in 2016...

is if Ron Paul is running as Independent.

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Ted Cruz has always said the right things...

But he hasn't always done a whole lot about anything.

But none of that is the issue.

Ted Cruz would seemingly make a half-way decent GOP nominee from the Ron Paul-supporter standpoint (in my humble opinion) but the big issue is the fact that HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE as he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen!

Born in Canada and his father is Cuban.

Case closed...

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I hate to agree with that imbecile, but he's right.


I would say "Rand Paul the man to win."


Ted Cruz looks like a villain in a superhero movie. He's also an attorney. I think people have a more visceral reaction to him.

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Interpretation: Rand will be target of the MSM from this day on.

He is telegraphing this to the other talking heads. Matthews words are as empty as empty can be.

But everything he said is

But everything he said is true. Ted Cruz would be easier to beat in a general election than Rand Paul. I don't think people have the intellect or willpower to say everything in some calculated way.

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Agree with you about Ted Cruz.

He would be easier to beat, which is why Matthews has identified Rand as the primary target to go after, I mean the man to beat.

We don't want Matthews getting anymore "thrills going up his leg."
We would prefer "shivers going down his spine" with Rand becoming the next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ted Cruz would make a good Attorney General.


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Unless you wish to take on the FED, bankers, and Sachs!

Then his wife will make him a 'no-show'!

In any case,

1. He is INELIGIBLE for Oval office, but doesn't care!

2. He is not to be trusted!

3. He lusts for power and wealth... his sole driving force!

4. He is therefore irrelevant as a candidate for the grassroots and liberty! Forget about him.


or Senate Majority Leader!

Ted Cruz...

I agree with his analysis of Ted Cruz. What exactly has Cruz actually done? All we see are the theatrics, the attention getting words, he has done nothing and he seems to have no belief system other than he is seen as a conservative...he seems pretty hollow to me.

Whatever else one may think of him,

Matthews is a talented sports analyst.

It's pretty clear to me that Ted Cruz...

It's pretty clear to me that Ted Cruz is passionate about his beliefs (or he's a damn good liar), but in my opinion, he was ALLOWED to rise to his current position to split the libertarian vote in 2016.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Watch how he speaks, how the

Watch how he speaks, how the words come out. He's nothing but an ac-TOR.

ted cruz is a serious problem

ted cruz is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with ... he is not one of us no matter how much he talks about libertarian stuff and austrian economics ... not in the least bit ... he is most likely the only real challenger to rand paul and will probably take the opportunity to do so because he knows there are big money interest who are out to destroy rand

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First an African...now a Canadian???

Cruz is not able to run for president, he is Canadian. I find these non-birthers a mystery.



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this man must have a split personality.

Does he just ride the coat-tails of the latest trend that will help him keep his job?

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Chris Matthews "likes" in some way Rand Paul

Matthews' "liking of", or at least sympathy for, Rand Paul was shown ALREADY in the following interview of Jack CONway in 2010 concerning his famous Aqua Buddha Ad:

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