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Was Loretta Fuddy killed for Birth Certificate Cover Up? (video)


For those who don't know, Loretta Fuddy was the Hawaii Department of Health Director released the notorious copy of President Obama’s long form birth certificate, was killed in a plane crash in Hawaii on Dec 11, 2013

Of the 9 people aboard the flight 8 survived and one (Loretta Fuddy) died in the water from a "heart attack" so we are told. Incidentally, Her brother, Lewis Fuddy, says that she did not have any known heart problems. She was 65 yrs old.

According to worldtribune.com, "Shortly after the plane soared from Kalaupapa, Molokai, Mr. Kawasaki heard a bang and the engine died. At that moment, all nine passengers faced imminent and inexplicable death.

Yet, due to the remarkable skill of the pilot — he had been flying since the age of 14 and had flown glider planes for many years — he was able to make mayday calls and also land the plane safely on the water.

According to witnesses on the plane, none of the nine passengers suffered any life-threatening injuries during the emergency landing. And most stunning of all, the pilot was able to get each of the passengers into life vests as water flooded into the plane. Everyone made it out."

This video shows her apparently alive in the water wearing a life jacket. The question is....what is that figure that surfaces next to her and is it the reason she is suddenly dead?

What do you see?


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My first impression is this was coincidence.

It doesn't make sense. A pilot would never agree to doing an ocean ditch on purpose. Approach angle has to be exactly right or the pilot has a wind screen slammed into his face with the full force of the water behind it; likely fatal.
Sabotaging the plane with a flight plan mostly over water would be sloppy, because there is no guarantee the pilot won't make a safe landing. Staging this incident in order to ice the target in the water is way out there. Auto accident much simpler.
However, this new connection is more than enough to take nothing off the table. It makes her a much bigger player than previously indicated. If you haven't watched, potentially a very important connection:

Undo what Wilson did

Its someone leg with a tennis show with yellow sole

The 'head' she thinks she sees look like part of the clothing around the persons leg with an air pocket bubbling up or possibly the knee from the other leg not showing the shoe.

This goes under and comes up because the person's leg is moving in the water and the bubble looks like it makes the leg want to float.

The yellow is obviously the bottom of a tennis shoe that person is wearing.

Nothing to see in that picture.

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I agree

It appears to be a knee and foot. At first it looked like a diver but that head looks awfully small. Too bad we couldn't get airport footage to see if she had yellow sole shoes.

if this was a diver the

if this was a diver the person who video taped would say. Its not a diver

Do you see the black head & shoulders with yellow air-tank?

I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing. The image is shown between 4:30 - 5:35 as presented in the video...

I guess the 'yellow air-tank' could possibly look like '1 yellow shoe' sticking out of the water, but it does not explain the 'black head and shoulders' part of the image.

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Very clearly that is a diver, or 'frog-man'

The question is... Is that part of the video taken before the Coast Guard arrived? If not then it is obviously a rescue diver. If it that part of the vid is from before the Coast Guard/whoever else arrived on scene, then it is definitely super-shady.

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How Convenient for him.

I've read some stories about Barry's friends and lovers turning up dead over the years. The story stinks of deceit.

But about myself I will not boast, except as it concerns my weaknesses (2 Cor 12:5). Let the unbelievers seek praise from each other; I wish that which is from God alone.


They are shoes coming out of the water. An underwater ghillie suit would look like sea weed and be invisible. Giving her a drug before the flight and then downing the airplane is a much more plausible plan.


I see a diver's head with a yellow oxygen tank on his back...

Pretty clear to see...


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there shoes man they look

there shoes man they look like the reeboks with the yellow soles. why would a rescue diver need to swim underwater to rescue people. If it was somebody bad the guy filming would have said something. Plus at the beginning the go pro is underwater and there is clearly nothing under there except dangling legs from the guy in front of him.

How could a diver get there

How could a diver get there that fast? Why didn't he inject her from below the surface?

Even if the plane was brought down with a small explosive to neutralize the engine, how could they have projected where the plane would land in order to get a diver to the very spot that quickly?

How long were they in the water before this happened?

Disturbing to say the least, if true.

If there was foul play re Loretta Fuddy and the plane,

no doubt a diver *would* have injected her from below the surface. But I imagine he'd need to first... make a positive I.D.

And how would he have gotten there so fast? Well, there is additional info (and links) at the website of the woman who posted the video. http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/some-more-im...

It appears that the navy was doing maneuvers in the area at the time.

"And there is the problem of the navy plane that DOH’s Kalaupapa administrator, Mark Miller, claimed was doing touch-and-goes in the area – that is claimed to have put down smoke flares to show rescuers where the victims were..." http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/a-closer-loo...

Btw, WATCH THE FULL NEWS REPORTS AS THEY AIRED. It's incredible footage! There are numerous links from there and many interesting comments.

Who knows what really happened to the woman. But it does seem suspicious that Arpaio's team has now got all the witnesses necessary to confirm that the long-form posted by the White House is a 100% forgery, a totally *virtual* document. And Loretta Fuddy had sworn it was valid. As it seems there is a *criminal case* in the works, she would no doubt have been called as a witness. Obviously someone put her up to saying it was valid. Who? We'll never know now, will we!

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aren't government's

aren't government's wonderful.

yeah. I'm listening to this

yeah. I'm listening to this audiobook http://mises.org/media/8217/38-The-Inherent-Violence-of-Unio... _It really shows just how wonderful government is.

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Advanced SEAL Delivery System... Spymaster introduces mini-sub..



-"Spymaster is showing its range of exciting marine products for revolutionary transportation both under water and on land at this year’s London Boat Show (Stand E173). For those who want to explore underwater, the incredible Orcasub will be on show as a scale model on the stand and the One-Man Mini-Submarine will also be on display. The electric-powered M1 Personal Transporter will be available to view for people looking for land-based vehicles."


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looks like the swimmer laying

looks like the swimmer laying back and his shoe and knee coming out of the water to me

Also the more recent Feb 14, 2014 DP post on Loretta Fuddy

It purports to link Fuddy with the president's mother - with an interesting passport shot and (yet) another last name associated with the president: http://www.dailypaul.com/312698/barack-hussein-soebarkah-lor...

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Thanks for sharing. Bump for further review.

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Looks like....

A diver to me. This is scary stuff to say the least.

my first thought too..

A diver.

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