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Hmm.. how come we never had any "Join the REVOLUTION" messaging?

It just struck me that we never seemed to reach out to invite people to join the revolution with exactly that message.

That sets the tone to be inclusive vs divisive.

Wonder if it will make a difference.

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Revolution scares old folks... and old folks VOTE in droves...

You need to tell them to vote for a man of COMMON SENSE... with a POSITIVE message of PEACE, PROSPERITY, and FREEDOM.

Seriously -- go get some CommonSense 2.0 flyers!

good point except that

we already have TONS of banners with the word Revolution all over them.

The point was to make the message inclusive - JOIN the REVOLUTION.
It makes people feel more welcome - theres enough people branding us as nuts - we need to make voters feel welcome

Something like

Bah! what do I know about marketing. Im just an engineer.