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If you are upset about Florida (and you should be) read this

Obviously everyone here would have loved to win Florida today - but we knew that was not going to happen.

The reason there is so much pain is that we continue to be astonished by the fact that so few of our citizens either get his message or have the courage to vote for him. Whats at stake here, in our minds, is much larger than a presidential election!

So, many of us are down right now but look at this way.

Its better More Wars McCain won than Romney - coz Romney will go all out on McCain and hit him on Foreign policy (one can only home)

I also think at the end of the day - the economy is the big issue and McCain is weaker on that than Romney. So if it ever gets to a point where we are viable - its better to be pitched against McCain IMHO.

Anyway - get off your computer - get some sleep - and start again tomorrow.

RP will have a great debate on CNN.

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This is all about the war....

Both sides are owned by the war machine. We are going to win because what matters to the people is what Ron Paul stands for. Last I checked he had 60,000 votes in Florida. That's a lot of informed voters ready and willing to enlighten those uninformed masses.

We are winning, and our adversaries know it. This is a war of attrition, and as long as we fight and donate, WE WILL WIN.

It is a statistical certainly.

who said Romney is good on

who said Romney is good on economy? just a myth.
they are both warmongors.

But I keep saying that we must downplay the war angle

The answer to the problem is in the term "More Wars McCain". The majority of Republicans feel the Iraq War was justified.

The Democrats own the anti-war message. They really, really do. Sure, 5% to 15% of Republicans might listen to that message, but 85% to 95% are going to reject it.

I am very pro-war (the one that is now almost over) and I think McCain was correct about the surge. I feel that Iran should not be "liberated" because the opposition there is the feminist Bahai organization...but I would be for war there if there was a reasonable alternative to the mullahs.

I am OK with Ron Paul on foreign policy but he does make me a bit nervous in that I do not know what he would do if 200 American hostages were taken somewhere or if he would really eliminate our intelligence gathering operations or close the airbase in Germany.

RP needs to stop acting like that kind of thinking is "only for dumb machos". Realpolitik is real.

We have McCain beat on "Individual Rights". But Ron Paul has, so far, done NOTHING to attack McCain on this.

Both new TV commercials FAIL to convey how fascist McCain has been on our rights, especially our Internet freedoms.

McCain and his buddy Chuck Schumer recently sponsored Save Our Children From Online Exploitation which would have forced all webmasters to do offender checks on everyone who posts on a forum like this.

If I were running the campaign, I would have McCain answering a lot of tough questions in the next week.

vet abroad...

violence seems down in Iraq after the "surge", but alot of that is likely due not just to adding some troops (e.g. the surge), but to a clever man in General Petraeus, making some deals with Sunnis with whom we previously would not (the absolute catastrophe of the Bremer lordship) and just a society finally deciding they had enough of violence or violence instigated by Al-Qaeda and not themselves.

However, sometimes it is really a BAD BAD idea to overthrow a dictator holding together a mix of clans who hate one another in a place that never has had democracy and is a construct of British and French colonial rule. In essence, anybody who didn't have hiis head up his ass on history would have known to leave it alone.

The area will be stabilized enough for us to leave. After that, Iran will take over southern Iraq and its oilfields. The Kurds will hold onto the northern oil fields and the Sunnis will continue guerilla warfare for survival. A mess.

The absolute most I can give this establishment was okay, if Saddam needed to be removed, go in, remove him and leave immediately no matter what replaces him. He was the supposed danger.

The best policy is to develop our own energy production, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, oil, whatever. Avoid those jerks like the plague. Leave them to themselves.

On the other hand, if they would dare attempt to nuke us, well then, all bets are off and I suspect President Paul would know how to react to a real attack as it's in the Constitution.

I trust Ron Paul to be Commander in Cheif

Therefore, I trust him to run his campaign. I simply ignore comments about how "Heads should roll" when things don't go as expected (not that this thread in anyway implies that, other threads have.)

Do you trust Ron Paul or not? I do. All I can do is trust him and do all I can at the root-level.

Oh, and I can't wait for the 4 man debate! This is starting to get fun! =)

I also think much of it comes from people who

supposedly don't want to "waste" their vote. I used to think that way...better to choose lesser of two evils than to vote for someone I "knew" could not win. Even though I don't operate like that anymore, the great majority of voters do.

You can just analyze McCain's campaign to see that. At first he was going nowhere, almost counted out from Iowa. It was his performance in New Hampshire (where he had done well in earlier presidential campaigns) that brought him back from the dead. Suddenly, people are voting for him in droves, but if he didn't pull that off in NH, he wouldn't be doing a thing.

So, once the media declares you aren't a loser, the herd starts voting for you. It's all commercial packaging.


rose from the dead because the media decided they were going to propel him to the nomination. Yesterday on my talk radio show WBT, the host Tara played a clip of Dodd and Matthews from NBC before IOWA and they both said it in plain english. They meant ALL MEDIA. The constant talking about the surging in the polls until he was.

I remember the night when his campaign was considered over. Thats the night he turned to Paul and said "The message they want me to bring you in let us win"

Previously known as DCALIFANO

Previously known as DCALIFANO

very true and very sad