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Ukraine: Updates

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RT Ukraine turmoil LIVE UPDATES
Gunmen from Kiev attempted to seize Crimea\'s Interior Ministry overnight
Crisis in Ukraine
Breaking: Ukraine Warships in Black Sea
*Ukraine Warships Deployed in Black Sea on Alert — Border Service Official
*Ukraine Border Forces: Will Do Everything to Prevent Seizure of Bases, Ships
*Military Attempting to Take Control of Border Naval Bases Said They Act on Orders From Moscow — Ukraine Border Official

Currently: Simultaneous Pro-Russian demonstrations ongoing in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Horlivka and Nikolaev
ITAR TASS reports of Russian flags hoisted over city administration bldgs in Kharkov and Donetsk, amid mass rallies.
7:05 EST -- Donetsk crowd was chanting "Russia, Russia"... rocks were starting to fly.. cameraman went offline said 'Dangerous'..
this was the link.. will moniter for resuming broadcast.. pretty crazee.
Donetsk Police join protesters. Police Chief says he now takes orders from the people.
►@5:00 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/44357293
Over 10,000 protest in Ukraine’s pro-Russia city of Donetsk

"Every military veteran in Crimea seems to have be hauling their old Soviet uniforms out of the cupboard."

►Anti-Maidan rally in Crimea: Hundreds protest in Simferopol


2 'Presidents': Ukraine's acting president Yatsenyuk declares appointment of pro-Russia premier Aksyonov in Crimea region illegal

Senator John McCain: “We Are All Ukrainians Now”

►Infighting ALREADY within 'new' Kiev Government
Ukraine ultranationalist leader vows to hang new interior minister 'like a dog'

►Russian S-400 AIR DEFENCE heading to UKRAINE? (time stamp in vid was 26-2-2014) uh-oh maybe already in place..


Putin requests senators’ approval to send troops to Crimea


US Troop Deployment? (unconfirmed)
another forum (military watchers) saying that the American 3rd Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne Division, 101st Airborne Division and 10th Mountain Division are preparing to deploy, as well as the British 3rd Mechanised Division and 1st Armoured Division. A US Marine Expeditionary Unit has been diverted to the region as well.
But already Germany and the Netherlands have refused to allow their ports and airfields to be used, so the Americans and British might have to deploy through Poland and Turkey instead.

RT Updates: http://rt.com/news/kiev-clashes-rioters-police-571/

DUMA wants Recall of Russian ambassador to USA

(unconfirmed/CNN discussing)Two US warships which had been deployed in the Black Sea to back up Russian security for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi - the USS Taylor Frigate and the USS Mount Whitney Blue Ridge-class command ship - have moved over to the western side of the Black Sea opposite Crimea and facing the Russian navy base of Sevastopol.

►Russian Troops in Crimea


Ukraine Acting President Puts Armed Forces On Full Combat Alert
Now Gives Russia a 'deadline' to leave.. March 2nd 8:00am
UPDATE: 8:00am now come and gone.. nothing.

►The Crimean capital, Simferopol, where thousands of people earlier took to the streets to oppose the self-proclaimed government in Kiev, is calm and functioning well.
Ukrainian armed forces dispatched to Crimea have started to switch sides on a massive scale, turning themselves over to the new Crimean government. As Interfax reports, many of the living quarters, as well as weapons and ammunition have been abandoned and taken over by the Crimean 'defense forces.'

►The cash-strapped, self-proclaimed government of Ukraine may carry out austerity measures demanded by the International Monetary Fund before it provides emergency loans. "The move would give more incentives to foreign governments to treat the Kiev regime as legitimate", professor of political economy Jeffrey Sommers told RT.

"As for public discontent with the unavoidable economic hardship, Kiev will likely blame Russia for that", he added.

3 million rubles ($ 83,000) of support has been collected for Crimean citizens by people from Kaliningrad, Russia’s westernmost city.. The first 3 million rubles will be sent to Crimea on Monday.. A rally in support of Russians living in Ukraine has attracted some 15,000 people in St. Petersburg

►UK Foreign Secretary William Hague is due to visit Kiev

►Far right groups patrolling Kiev


►Ukraine's navy tells Reuters it still has its full fleet of 10 ships in Sevastopol. The navy says they have not disarmed and remain loyal to Kiev. Earlier the Ukrainian coast guard told Reuters that it had withdrawn its vessels from Sevastopol.

►Nearly 40 people have been arrested in central St Petersburg during an unauthorized protest against the decision to send stabilizing military forces in Ukraine, the Interior Ministry in the city said. A similar protest took place in Moscow, where over 60 activists were arrested. (No 1st Amendment, right to assemble in Russia, eh?)

Kerry: The US warned Russia that it risks losing its place in the Group of Eight developed countries over the deployment of troops in Crimea.

John Kerry said that President Vladimir Putin “is not going have a Sochi G8, he may not even remain in the G8 if this continues.”

“He may find himself with asset freezes on Russian business. American business may pull back, there may be a further tumble of the ruble," Kerry said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has threatened Russia with "very serious repercussions," saying it may face economic sanctions following its "incredible act of aggression." (Right.. )

►About 10 Ukrainian Black Sea Fleet ships voluntarily have left the naval base in Sevastopol, with several vessels now heading to Odessa, a source in the government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea told Interfax on Sunday. Several vessels have since returned to the base in Sevastopol “because of malfunctions.”

►Meanwhile, former Ukrainian troops were due to swear allegiance to the Crimean authorities in Sevastopol at 5pm local time (15:00 GMT). An unnamed official source earlier told RIA Novosti that “the majority of the Ukrainian armed forces deployed in Crimea” have passed to the side of the region. The transition was made “without a single shot fired,” with Kiev categorically denying the claims of Ukrainian soldiers switching sides en masse.

►Kiev has (now) dismissed the heads of administration in 18 of 24 regions of Ukraine. (ha! They've now appointed puppets to 'represent' people who are swearing allegiance to Russia in mass and have been hoisting their flag above their admin bldgs. What a comical farce this self-appointed Kiev coup is... what's NOT comical is they're going to get people KILLED.. with Kerry/NATO chanting that it's about 'Sovereignty'.)

NATO Meeting Results: Nato's North Atlantic Council met in a closed-door session earlier on Sunday. The Brussels bureau chief for the Financial Times, Peter Spiegel, tweets: "Have been told there was NO discussion of military planning or deployments at NATO council meeting."

China expresses understanding of Russia’s analysis on causes of crisis in Ukraine
MOSCOW, March 03. /ITAR-TASS/. China expressed understanding of Russia’s analysis on the causes of the crisis in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

Diplomacy Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and GERMAN Foreign Minister will hold a meeting in Geneva Today, Monday, on the situation in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry Statement:

“Not bothering to make any effort to understand the complex processes occurring within Ukrainian society or make an objective assessment of the environment, which is furthering the degradation following the forceful seizure of power in Kiev by radical extremists, [Secretary of State John Kerry] operates with a ‘Cold War’ stamp, offering not to punish those who carried out the government overthrow, but the Russian Federation,” it read.
"And while glossing over this, the USA and its allies have closed their eyes to the excesses of the radical fighters on Maidan, their bullying of political opponents and ordinary citizens, as well as their anti-Semitism and militant Russophobia.”

Russia issues Ultimatum in Crimea
Russia's Black Sea Fleet has told Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender by 5 a.m. [12:00 a.m. Midnight EST] on Tuesday or face a military assault, Interfax news agency quoted a source in the Ukrainian Defence Ministry as saying.

while at the same time...

Ukrainian 1st Marine battalion base in Feodosiya (Crimean port) again refuses to take orders from Crimean PM nor surrender.


MIDNIGHT DEADLINE CALLED OFF! Moscow called the Black Sea Fleet command and apparently they have now rescinded the Ultimatum. Good!


Pentagon Suspends Military Ties With Russia
Pentagon announces all military-to-military engagements between US and Russia put on hold; includes all exercises, bilateral talks, port visits, planning conferences

U.S. Suspends Trade and Investment Talks With Russia
The U.S. said late Monday it will suspend talks with Russia aimed at boosting trade and investment.

►Russia threatens to abandon the US dollar as a reserve currency

►Crimean authorities will visit Moscow on Friday to hold talks
the Crimean delegation of 24 people, “will discuss many questions with the members of the State Duma, including medical provisions, humanitarian issues and financial assistance.”

European Union governments have reached a preliminary agreement to freeze the assets of 18 Ukrainians at the request of the new self-proclaimed government in Kiev.

►Donetsk 'Opposing Rallies' Converge Today
Pro-Russian and Pro-Maiden/Kiev rallies will converge today in Donetsk.

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Pro-Russian and Pro-Maiden 'rallies' will converge today in Donetsk.

I am trying to understand--

I don't want to jump to conclusions and think I know what is happening 'over there'--without reading everything--

and that takes time. And whom can *we* trust for facts/truth?

BUT, if people like McCain want America to go to war, I know that there is something underhanded going on--


And I don't think America will survive this economically, if the U.S. military gets involved--

not to mention physical survival.

It's 'feeling' ugly.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

And if we do go to war, with

And if we do go to war, with whom? Russia?

Cyril's picture

Dude, what's the NSA been doing all that time?

Dude, what's the NSA been doing all that time?

Were they sitting on their hands, while [beep] McCain and [beep] Clinton were impatiently waiting and eager to get some fresh "intelligence", ya know, to best advise dear POTUS?!

Oh... Wait!

Maybe Ukraine doesn't have broadband Internet access every, every-the-freaking-where?!

That shux, or what?!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


the internet and MILLIONS of eyes and cameras and phones tweeting are WWAAYYYYYYYYYY BETTER than ANYTHING the NSA could do.
They're probably watching tweetdecks like the rest of us.

Cyril's picture

Ha! Point!

Ha! Point!

'except I have a REAL job, here... Gotta go, btw! ++

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Dutch media is now reporting.

Russia has set an ultimatum: all remaining Ukrainian forces in Crimea must surrender by 04.00 local time, or face expulsion by force.

got it thx!

I was looking for confirmation.. it was only interfax but Business Insider decided to publish so I went with it.
thx for the heads up.

Russian Parliament prepares for annexation of Crimea


Actual text (in Russian) can be found here. This law is specifically design to annex Crimea.




I believe the efforts to isolate Russia will backfire.

The member states of the US/UK/NATO/EU axis are already talking about isolating Russia for encroaching upon Ukraine's sovereign territory.

Setting aside the breathtaking hypocrisy of these announcements from the global champion interventionists, it seems to me that in taking this step the axis may end up isolating themselves. The worldwide animosity towards them will become so obvious that we shall see a reversal of the Empire's march towards world domination come to a halt and be thrown into reverse.


There has also been talk of freezing Russian assets in Western banks. During the Cyprus bank crisis it was revealed that many Russians were using Cyprus banks as a tax haven (it was the primary business of Cyprus for more than just Russians). However the Russians removed their funds before they were frozen leading to a complete collapse of the banking system. I believe something similar may happen with Russian funds in European banks leading to a collapse of those banks.

This crisis may lead to the Global Reset that has been talked about so much, the final dissolution of the Western central banking network and the abandonment of the $US as the world reserve currency.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Universal troublemakers.

Keep you eyes on the Jewish/Mossad connection. See: "Israeli army vet led Ukraine militia unit."Universal here in the Daily Paul.

a nose under the Camel tent... aka 'What's behind the Curtain"

eeyup... this thing has been/is being orchestrated like a violin.

US military seize documents raided by (using) Ukrainian radicals

Ukrainian radical activists are conducting organized searches of residences of former government officials and handing over all documents to the US military, a man who says that he took part in some of these operations claims.

The allegations come from a Russian citizen who was detained by the Federal Security Service (FSB) shortly after returning from Ukraine. The 21-year-old, who calls himself Vladislav, says he spent some three days among the ranks of the Right Sector group in Kiev after the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovich, and took part in the raids of his deposed officials.

“They load buses with the self-defense troops and go to MPs’ dachas in the suburbs, to their apartments, and break down their doors. It’s not looting, like in taking furniture and stuff. They take documents and hand them over to special people, who check them,” he said in an interview with the Russia-24 news channel.

Vladislav says he saw a group of people, whom he calls American military, who copied or took some of the documents from the radicals.

“It was on the afternoon of February 26, when an American group came in two Mercedes cars. Then American troops came out wearing their uniforms,” he recalled.

The man claims that Germans, too, collected intelligence with the help of the radical group, but at some point they curbed their activities. Here

SteveMT's picture

Paul Craig Roberts: Ukraine is a failed U.S. coup 3-1-14 (audio)


We did it....again. The U.S. has lost control of their destabilization attempt, just like in Syria. The right wing pro-Nazis have taken control, and Russia will have to clean up the mess. Our government has no sense. This is in Russia's own backyard. America cannot possibly enter into any conflict there and expect to win. It's just too far away.

All here to listen to:

New Ukraine navy chief 'defects

Newly appointed head of Ukrainian Navy swears allegiance to Crimea in presence of its unrecognised prime minister



re-read... I think you got that backwards.. it's confusing I know.. the 'newly' appointed Navy chief swears allegiance to the 'Ukraine people'... aka Kiev... then again it's BBC... maybe I'm wrong...
jeeez.. who's on first? What's on second? and I don't know is on third.

Nope... you're right:
This comes as the newly appointed Navy Chief rear admiral Denis Berezovsky has sworn allegiance to the people of Crimea, according to RIA Novosti.

“I, Berezovsky Denis, swear allegiance to the Crimean people and pledge to protect it, as required by the [army] regulations,” Berezovsky said.

The 20 somethings are now being 'recruited' in Kiev in mass...

Of course... the right wing ultras that 'invaded' the Parliament now have just installed 6 'leaders' into ministry positions...
and are beating the Nationalist 'Patriot' drums and getting the untrained fodder to sign up for the 'cause'.

Ukrainian 'men' queue up at military enlistment office (2 March 2014)
Men are seen queuing up at the reception of a military enlistment office in Kiev today. Ukraine has also called up all its army reservists.

Sec. Kerry is now 'feeding' that by saying it's 'absolutely' NOT an East/West proxy war/destabilization but

'the Sovereignty of the Ukraine fighting Tyranny'.

Such b.s....

people are gonna die over this.

Just refuse to obey

It makes me happy to see the US and the banking cartels get thwarted by PEOPLE who simply refuse to play their game.

Now the question is what will the US do if they can't make the Ukrainians fight each other or follow the orders of their puppet leader?

I also find it funny that in the BBC video they call the socialist gang a "far right group". Is right and left different over there?

Kerry condemns Russian action in Ukraine as 'Invasion'


Nice try...
Blatant prop...
White House saying upcoming G-8 summit in Sochi 'at risk'..
not THAT!!

The real stuff is the war between oligarchs: Here
Weiss: U.S. has options for Russia’s declaration of war on Ukraine
"Yet there are American options. One would be to coordinate with our allies in Europe and announce sanctions against Russian officials who would be involved in attacking Ukraine. The nice thing about one of the world’s most corrupt countries is that most of the elites running Russia keep their cash and real estate abroad in democratic jurisdictions.

A new U.S. law allows for putting pressure on Russian human rights violators by threatening to freeze or confiscate these assets. Names of those with money and mansions to hide in the West ought now to be named in advance of tanks rolling into Donetsk, Kharkiv or, as may well happen, Kiev."

Ukrainian Navy flagship takes Russia’s side

Ukraine’s Navy flagship, the Hetman Sahaidachny frigate, has reportedly refused to follow orders from Kiev, and come over to Russia’s side and is returning home after taking part in NATO operation in the Gulf of Aden flying the Russian naval flag.


Kiev is basically being ignored... by the people, by the Ukraine chain of command and certainly by the Russians who now are in the Crimea securing their own base and protecting the Russians who live there, but all in all they are just standing down and being welcomed with civilians posing in front of equipment/soldiers taking photos/vids.

Obama warns Putin.

Putin replies: "HEY OBAMA, CRI ME A RIVER!"

meekandmild's picture

Russia approves troops for Ukraine. Is war looming?

Russia's upper house of parliament unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin's request today to send a "limited contingent" of troops into Crimea, a move that may be interpreted in Kiev and around the world as a declaration of war against independent Ukraine.


Or are they just trying to

Or are they just trying to help restore order. I'm not certain it is in their best interest to go to war. Am I right? Or maybe I'm not understanding still what is going on.

Israel may well be secretly supporting Russia.

It may well be that Israel, which has about a million Russian citizens, has shifted towards Russia and the East and away from the EU, the US and the West in recent years. These former Soviet Jews who have settled in Israel have established business connections in Russia and many have become wealthy on this account.

Added to this is the fact that the Ukrainian Right Sector neo-Nazi faction which has gained disproportionate influence in the recent coup d'etat is openly anti-Jewish and anti-Russian. They have been given control of the Kiev security apparatus and are likely responsible for the recent attempt to seize the offices of the Crimean Interior Ministry which was repelled.

The EU has placed restrictions on goods produced by settlements in the West Bank and Israelis fear that if the EU gain too much traction in Ukraine then these restrictions may be amplified due to the nature of the Ukrainian government and their (the Russian Jews') business interests being in Russia. So, they are secretly supporting Russia in the ongoing re-alignment of Ukraine.

A map published in the main Israeli newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" perhaps points the way they would like the conflict to be resolved with a division between East and West Ukraine. The East would go with Russia and the West with the EU, the U.S. and NATO. The general tone of most articles on the conflict in both the West and in Russia seem to be drawing one towards that conclusion so it may already have been decided.

I know which side of that split I would prefer to on, given the perilous economic condition of the EU. Here is an article by my friend, the Israeli dissident who is a political prisoner in Bolivia, on this subject:


He has a wry, sardonic style of writing, very Hebraic, and one needs to be aware of that.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)


You said "these former soviet jews . . . . "

Interesting times huh?

someone at it again?
We know what Stalin and his fellow soviet bolshevik jews did to Ukraine in WWII right??

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Seems like an odd theory

considering the difference in opinion of Russia and Israel on Syria. Add to that the military cooperation between Israel and Georgia, it seems like just the opposite would be true.

It certainly challenges our preconceptions.

However everything I have said is factual and the article I linked to makes some other interesting observations so one has to draw one's own conclusions.

Personally I am prepared to be surprised by the way events unfold and to discover that my understanding of what is going on is incomplete.

There are other absolutely critical events happening in Israel that have not been reported on anywhere in the media. For example there is a MILLION STRONG protest planned for March 2 in Jerusalem by all three segments of the Ultra-Orthodox community who rarely speak to each other. For this single purpose they have come together to oppose the Zionist government whom they describe as "star worshippers".

They are unalterably opposed to Zionism and are protesting the new Conscription Law that compels all Ultra-Orthodox young men and women to serve in the IDF along with everyone else. They have traditionally been exempted. In spite of the law being watered down considerably they still oppose it because they oppose the Zionist State that they liken to Nazism.

I suspect that this division will bring down the Jewish State and result in the exercise of the Samson Option that will destroy Jerusalem. Whatever transpires it will shock the world.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

DJP333's picture

FYI, Russia v Ukraine Infographic


"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW